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Water Time Outfitters offers classes and workshops for every type of angling in Oregon. Develop the right skills with our introduction classes. Tune up your game or advance your abilities on the water with our intensive workshops. Whatever your preference, we provide the instruction that puts you into fish.

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Beginning Fly Fishing – Deschutes River
Start your fly fishing right with good fundamentals and fun! This introduction to fly fishing on the famous Deschutes River is a great course for the beginner, a gift, or fun for the whole family.
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Sandy River Steelhead Workshop
Want to learn how to catch winter steelhead on Oregon Rivers? Water Time Outfitters offers a special workshop just for you on the Sandy River.
Clackamas River Steelhead Workshop
Clackamas River Steelhead Workshop
These workshops, with Rob Crandall, share the best winter steelhead spots and techniques for walk-in anglers on the Clackamas and Eagle Creek.
How to Row a Drift Boat
Drift Boat Rowing Private Lessons
Learn the basics of drift boat safety, reading water and rowing technique with this special 4 hour course specifically designed just for you.
Small Streams Steelhead Mastery Class
Small Streams Mastery Class - Eagle Creek
In the Small Streams Mastery Class, you’ll learn how to read water, find where fish hold, what runs are good to swing and what runs are best with indicator rigs. 
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Family River Trip - Deschutes Summer Special
Want to create lasting lifetime fishing memories with your family? Join us for an action packed family river trip: fishing, camping and boating on the Deschutes River.
Private Spey Casting Lesson
Private Spey Casting Lessons
Have you struggled with spey casting? Water Time Outfitter instructores offer private lessons that start with the basics and help build a good foundation of spey casting skills.
Steelhead Spey Fishing Mastery Class
This two part class is designed to give you the best instruction available for building your casting and fishing skills plus gives you a great shot at steelhead success.
Winter Spey Skagit Mastery Class
Skagit Casting Mastery Class
This class has something for every caster from beginner to expert. Our expert guides and instructors will give you the hands on tools you need to advance your skills.
Euro Nymphing Class
Do you want to learn the most effective way to consistently catch trout?  Water Time Outfitters is offering a special class to help you maximize your summer fishing experience- EURO NYMPHING!
Guest Chef - Deschutes Jet Boat Camp Trip
Experience the finest fly fishing Oregon has to offer in the amazing canyon of the Deschutes River combined with an incredible dining experience with our guest Chef Chad Newton.
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"In a single day, I learned as much or more from Rob and the team at Water Time Outfitters than I'd picked up in five years of trying to figure it out on my own. I'll always have that knowledge."
Logan H.
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