Private Spey Casting Lessons

Private Spey casting lessons not far from Portland Oregon; we help you get going for winter steelhead! Have you struggled with spey casting? Water Time Outfitter instructors offer private spey casting lessons that start with the basics and help build a good foundation of spey casting skills. We encourage several sessions so you can build on what you’ve learned in the first session and solidify what those new abilities into a lifelong skill set. We cover the gear, proper form, D-loop formation, anchor placement, proper rod path and basic casts like the Double Spey, C-cast, and Single Spey casts plus a whole lot more!

If you’re an experienced spey caster who wants to continue growing your skills we can help there too! Many casters get started and love it but find they soon plateau and don’t progress onto bigger casts or casting is a struggle in more challenging situations. We can help you move ahead so you are casting with ease and focused on fishing not just trying to make the cast.

We understand the challenges,why? Because we’ve been there too, we help hundreds of anglers every year chasing steelhead and dialing in the cast is something we help with every day. WTO instructors are helpful, fun-loving guides full of passion for the sport. We aim to surpass your expectations with expert instruction so you can focus on your love of fishing, maximize your success and take home memories that last a lifetime.

Meeting Place: Clackamas River near Portland on classic steelhead water
Meeting Time: 9 AM or another agreed-upon time
What: Private Spey Casting Lesson 1.5 hours with one of the WTO Instructors
When: See Listed Dates
What to Bring: Waders, wading boots, protective eyewear (sunglasses), hat, weather-appropriate clothing
Class Fee: $115 for one caster (Please contact us for multiple caster lessons.)

We will bring spey rods for you to use or bring your own for your Private Spey Casting Lesson. Efficient spey casting helps you become a more effective steelhead angler. Getting your basics down right is the best thing you can do to help accelerate your success!

We’ll help you learn specific details of the cast that will enable you to have the tools you need to analyze your own cast and self-diagnose so you can correct your cast long after the class is over. Learn the foundational principles you need for success along with the finer points you need to excel and build your skills for a lifetime of great casts.

Let’s face it, better casters fish more efficiently and often catch more fish. Let us help you increase your skills so you can increase your success!

Prepayment for the class is required. Winter months we have a number of openings during the week and some on weekends.

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Class is $115.
Contact us for pricing on multiple caster lessons.
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What We Provide

  • Experienced guide and Casting Instructor! Expect patient, personalized attention and an intent focus on optimizing your time on the water.
  • Rod, reel, lines and flies are included within the cost when reserved in advance or bring your own.
  • 1.5 hours on the water consisting of instruction and guided fishing

What You Need to Bring with You

  • Waders and Boots (If you don’t have your own, you might be able to borrow from a friend!)
  • Polarized sunglasses for eye protection.
  • Spey rod (we prefer #7 or #8 rod for steelhead) matching Skagit line with running line behind it
  • Appropriate clothing for time on the water- this class is rain or shine as long as the water conditions are acceptable we are a go.

Please note that class payments are non-refundable. If you must miss your scheduled class, please contact us ahead of time. If we can reschedule you for another class session we will. As these classes are scheduled year-round, weather can be an issue. We run these sessions rain or shine as long as we determine the river is in a fishable condition. If we determine the water is unfishable, we will either reschedule or refund your class fees.

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