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You’ll need to provide one. In Oregon, fishing guides are not licensed dealers for ODFW licenses. Please go online to:

If you are fishing for just a day or up to three days, Oregon has all-inclusive licenses you can purchase that allow you to fish for all species and include a harvest card for salmon/steelhead.

If you are buying an annual license, you will need a angling license only for trout, shad, or bass. If you want to fish for steelhead you will need a license AND a salmon/steelhead tag. In addition, if you are fishing any Columbia basin rivers for steelhead with us (Deschutes or Clackamas River) you will also need a Columbia Basin endorsement tag (as of 2020).

Let us know if you have any further questions!

We do this for you! All boaters on the Deschutes are required to get a boater pass. Clients are required to be the group leaders on the pass, so we may ask you for info like address, date of birth and an email to set up the pass properly. (We only need one designated group leader for the pass and may ask for an alternate group leader as well.)

Fishing in Oregon varies as much as the terrain and rivers we have to fish, from the wet coastal rivers to the dry and arid high desert rivers. We recommend you connect with your guide regarding your specific trip to ensure you are properly outfitted for your trip’s timing and location.

We love helping beginners! Anglers of ALL skill levels are welcome. We will be happy to help you grow your skills wherever you are at.

On our group trips on the Deschutes River, we offer comfortable camps for our multi-day adventures. These camps are fully outfitted with our camp staff that goes ahead and sets up for you. Our tents are 14’x14’ canvas tents that have lots of head room to walk around in. We provide the best cots available with comfy sleeping pads. Our camp will have a handwash system set up, ample lighting, a drinking water station, and a restroom facility. (Our jet boat camps have hot showers, hammocks, and more.)

We offer year-round fishing opportunities. Trout fishing is best between May-October. Steelhead opportunities are year-round. When it comes to steelhead, every year can be different. Some years there are big returns, and other years there are lower numbers. The best fishing is often had when you’re standing in the right place at the right time, and that’s what we help you do!

We appreciate any and all tips. These are above and beyond the trip fee and totally discretionary. Common tips are 10-25% of the trip total price. On our group trips, we split these tips evenly with the whole team.

We recommend and use spikes for almost all our fishing. They are welcome in the boat and we set up our boats with rubber mats to accommodate spikes. The EXCEPTION is when we are using our rafts for winter steelhead Jan-March. During this time, we recommend felt.

This varies depending on the type of trip (ie, trout, shad, bass, steelhead), the fishing conditions that day, and the angler’s skills. Trout, bass, and shad anglers can expect to catch multiple fish and sometimes many, many fish in a full-day or half-day trip. Steelhead (often referred to as the “fish of a thousand casts”) are much more difficult. Some days we have easy success. Others it’s a lot of work and may or may not result in a fish landed. Our guarantee to you is that no matter what the conditions, we will do our best every day to maximize your fishing opportunities and success.

With advance notice, we can work with most any dietary restrictions. Often, it’s best for us to team up and talk about what your specific needs are so we are all on the same page. We are happy to accommodate your needs! We just need to know in advance of the trip so we can be prepared.

When scheduled in advance your guide can provide rods/reels/lines.   Please let us know ahead of time if you will need equipment.  We always have extras but want to be sure we are prepared to meet your needs.   For trips on the Deschutes, Clackamas and Coastal rivers waders/boots are required -please bring your own. We do not provide waders/boots. (If you need assistance finding or renting waders/boots let us know we can help).
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