Small Streams Mastery Class - Eagle Creek

Small streams can be a very productive place to catch steelhead and by learning to master the strategies for small streams you can often find excellent results. In the Eagle Creek Winter Steelhead Mastery Class you’ll learn how to read water, find where fish hold, what runs are good to swing and what runs are best with indicator rigs. This class gives you the game plan for success on small streams not only here but any small winter steelhead stream. In addition to learning the tactics you need for success we will also cover where to go. You’ll learn at least 5 good spots you can drive to and fish for years to come. Eagle Creek is relatively close to Portland, OR and is a tributary of the Clackamas River.

Eagle creek is a stream flowing from the cascade mountains with a wild rugged drainage which flows out of a wilderness area. This watershed drops and clears quickly and is often the best fishing option when other local rivers are blown out with winter storms. The best part of Eagle Creek is it gets a run of hatchery winter steelhead. We’ve scheduled these classes during the peak of the run, Feb-Mar are typically best here. These are healthy solid fish based on the wild broodstock of the Clackamas River basin. Coho are also found here in the fall.

This class is limited to 6 anglers.

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Class Date:

  • March 16, 2024 (Class size limit: 6)

Class Fee is $165 per person

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What We Provide

  • Experienced guide and Instructor! Expect patient, personalized attention and an intent focus on optimizing your time on the water.
  • Rod, reel, lines are included within the cost of the class but you must reserve your rods in advance or bring your own.
  • 6 hours on the water consisting of instruction and fishing

What You Need to Bring with You

  • Waders and Boots (If you don’t have your own, you might be able to borrow from a friend!)
  • Your Fishing License! (Don’t have one yet? Visit Oregon Fish and Wildlife HERE.)
  • Polarized sunglasses.
  • Fly Rod (we prefer #7 or #8 rod for steelhead) Floating line rig for indicator fishing and or switch rod for swung fly strategies with matching Skagit short line with running line behind it.
  • Winter Steelhead Flies: We recommend Crandall’s Provider, Crandall’s Devils Candy, Crandall’s Guides Choice or Egg Pattens
  • Bring your lunch
  • Appropriate clothing for time on the water- this class is rain or shine as long as the water conditions are fishable we are a go.

Please note that class payments are non-refundable. If you must miss your scheduled class, please contact us ahead of time. If we can reschedule you for another class session we will. As these classes are scheduled year-round, weather can be an issue. We run these sessions rain or shine as long as we determine the river is in a fishable condition. If we determine the water is unfishable, we will either reschedule or refund your class fees.

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