Winter Steelhead Fishing Mastery Class (2-Part Class)

Day 1:  Spey Casting Lesson and Fishing Strategies
Day 2:  Guided Fishing and Technique Coaching

This two part class is designed to give you the best instruction available for building your casting and fishing skills plus gives you a great shot at steelhead success!  First, join our guides/instructors for a 4 hour on water session where you’ll learn SKAGIT CASTING fundamentals.  You’ll learn anchor placement, rod path positioning, Double Spey, Snap T, C-Spey and more in the casting segment of this class.  We will also cover Spey Fishing Techniques – giving you a Five Step Formula for success.  The next day we will utilize those strategies in the search for steelhead.

Part two of this class meets at the crack of dawn for a 5 hour go fish session.  With the jet boat we will move you fast from one key fishing run to the next to give you the best possibilities of success while you get hands on instruction with the steelhead strategies you learned the day before; only this time you’re on the quest for chrome!

This class will help you establish good casting fundamentals, give you a method to self assess your casting and improve into the future building a lifetime of effective casts and essentially changing your steelhead fly fishing success trajectory.  Not only will you learn the basics of spey casting but you’ll also learn the Five Step Plan for cold water steelhead fly fishing success.

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Sign up today! Class size is limited to 8 anglers.  First day class is held 12 pm -4 pm and second day class will be during prime fishing time of 6:30 am- 11:30 am.

Cost: Only $175 per person for 9 hours of instruction/guided fishing!

Available Dates:

  • April 7 pm / April 8 am
  • April 8 pm / April 9 am
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Please note that class payments are non-refundable. If you must miss your scheduled class, please contact us ahead of time. If we can reschedule you for another class session we will. As these classes are scheduled year-round, weather can be an issue. We run these sessions rain or shine as long as we determine the river is in a fishable condition. If we determine the water is unfishable, we will either reschedule or refund your class fees.

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5 Steps to Winter Spey Success

A Multimedia Ebook Experience for Mastering the Swung Fly in Winter

Winter Spey Skagit Mastery Class

Learn the core secrets to catching winter steelhead and follow the 5-step process our clients find success with in our new, multimedia ebook.

This is no ordinary ebook. Each step of the process is linked to exclusive videos we produced to go along with this book. You won’t just read about these techniques. You’ll see them in action.

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