Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide, #1 Best Experience

Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide
Water Time Outfitters offers guided fly fishing trips for steelhead on the Clackamas River.

For over 30 years Rob Crandall has been a Clackamas River fly fishing guide.  Rob and his team use jet boats to cover the best waters; flies, hot BBQ shore lunch and a great time are hallmarks of river trips with Rob and crew.

If you’re looking for a Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide you’ve come to the right place.  Rob Crandall grew up on the banks of the Clackamas River near Barton, OR.  From an early age he has chased the fish of the Clackamas river whether hiking, riding a bike or floating to a favorite spot on the river- from an early age Rob has fished it all.  Over the years he has seen the changes on the river, watched the river form new channels and has experienced amazing happenings on the river.  Book a Clackamas River Guide Trip.

Clackamas River Fly Fishing guide
Watching bald eagles soar overhead while knee deep in cool waters it’s easy to forget your less than 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide- What about the Fish?

The Clackamas holds a wide variety of fish species.  Spring and fall chinook, coho, cutthroat and of course our favorite STEELHEAD.  The Clackamas River has several runs of steelhead.  The biggest run of steelhead is the winter run which consists of both wild and hatchery steelhead.  Winter run Hatchery steelhead in the Clackamas are derived from the wild stock native to the Clackamas.   With a run timing mimicking wild fish the hatchery run returns from January – May.

The Clackamas also hosts a run of hatchery summer steelhead.  The earliest arrivals of these are seen in late March/early April.  These are acrobatic strong fighters and very aggressive to the swung fly.  Summer steelhead are in the Clackamas from early spring into late winter.

The Clackamas river hosts amazing swing water.  If you like to fish with a spey rod the Clackamas has plenty of classic riffles, runs and pools just begging for a swung fly.  Run size vary each year and every day is different while steelhead fishing.

The famous author Rudyard Kipling wrote this after fishing a day on the Clackamas in the 1890’s: “I have lived!  The American continent may now sink into the sea for I have experienced the best that life has to offer and it was neither love, nor money nor real estate.”

Clackamas River fly fishing guide
We use jet boats to access the miles of riffles, pools and runs perfect for steelhead on the Clackamas River.

Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide- What is the River Like?

The Clackamas River is near the metropolitan area of Portland, OR and flows 83 miles to the Willamette River.  The Clackamas river originates deep in the Oregon cascade mountains near Ollallie Butte between Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson.  The upper watershed of the Clackamas are dense forests of Douglas Fir.  Mountain meadows in the upper reaches are idyllic setting and part of the rich drainage of the Clackamas.  47 miles of the upper region of the Clackamas are a National Scenic Waterway.

With a rich upper basin the Clackamas river often flows with cleaner more fishable water conditions than other Oregon rivers during winter.  Classic riffles pools and runs are trademark of the Clackamas River.  Our focus is typically on the lower 24 miles of the Clackamas from Rivermill dam to the mouth.  For river flows we watch this helpful graph:  Clackamas River water level

Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide
Foggy morning on the Clackamas River.
Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide – Trip Logistics

For your experience with our Clackamas River fly fishing guide we meet at one of three boat ramps depending on the water conditions.  Our main meeting point is the Carver Boat ramp.  From Portland international airport the Carver boat ramp is less than 30 minutes away.  You’ll need a fishing license and steelhead tag, waders/boots and appropriate clothing; bring your rod or use one of ours- we take care of the rest!

Typically we meet at dawn at the selected boat ramp and head to our favorite runs.  During the morning your guide will have hot coffee and mugs for you to warm up with.  A hot BBQ shore lunch or hot soup will be the mid-day break point.

Using jet boats for your Clackamas river fly fishing guide experience gives you the most effective use of your time.  We can access the best spots quickly and spend more time fishing.  Our large 20′ jet boats are comfortable with plenty of room.  We can easily accommodate up to three anglers and four is doable.

Steelhead Fly Fishing Class Portland
The Clackamas River is just outside the town of Portland Oregon and is less than 30 minute drive from PDX.
Clackamas River Fly Fishing Guide- How to book and trip fees

Guided fly fishing trips on the Clackamas River include:  Guided jet boat day on the river, hot lunch, soft drinks/water, flies, rods/reels/lines as needed.  Prices subject to change.

One Angler:    $600
Two Anglers:  $675
Three Anglers: $850
Four Anglers: $1,100

Book your trip today!   Clackamas Steelhead Guide Trip

Learn more about how to be successful on your winter steelhead fishing trip by brushing up on your skills.  Learn the best techniques for winter steelhead (some you probably have never heard of) with Rob Crandall’s new ebook:  “5 Steps to Winter Spey Success”.  You can get a FREE preview of the book HERE.  Filled with loads of info and 18 how-to videos this multi-media e-book is a winner!

Who is Water Time Outfitters? Water Time Outfitters is a local Oregon guide company that provides classes, single and multi-day guided fly fishing trips on Oregon’s finest waters. We feel that when anglers plan a fly fishing trip or class they need to know they are spending time and money on a great experience. We aim to surpass their expectations with expert, fun-loving guides and exceptional hospitality, so our guests can focus on their love of fishing, maximize their success and take home memories that last a lifetime. See more about our year round guided fly fishing trips or other classes you can find us here: WTO GUIDED TRIPS or WTO CLASSES


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