Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide- Trout Fishing Near Portland Oregon #1 Best Trip!

Deschutes River fly fishing guide
Three day float trips on the world famous Deschutes River get you to the best parts of the river canyon. Water Time Outfitter guides have been floating this section for 30 years.

Deschutes River fly fishing Guide; Water Time Outfitters specializes in multi-day fly fishing adventures on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon.  Groups of 4-8 anglers.  Located between Portland and Bend Oregon, the Deschutes River is THE premier trout fishery in Oregon.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide – Famous Fly Fishing Waters

The Deschutes is the most renown river in Oregon and anglers come from around the world to fly fish the waters of the Deschutes.  For over 30 years head guide Rob Crandall at Water Time Outfitters has been guiding these famous waters.  Famous golfers like Jack Nicholas and Tiger Woods have fished the Deschutes.  Trout on the Deschutes are robust, hardy and tough fighting fish.  They live in an amazing river in a high desert setting.  Crandall and his crew of dedicated Deschutes River fly fishing guide love to share their passion for the river.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide – The Fishery

The Deschutes River is 252 miles long and originates near Little Lava Lake in Central Oregon.  It flows north through Central Oregon to the Columbia River.  The lower 100 miles of the Deschutes River are the key fly fishing zones for trout and steelhead fishing.  From the Warm Springs boat Ramp to fishing above and below the town of Maupin, OR trout fishing can be excellent.  The cool, rich waters of the Deschutes are home to the best salmon fly hatch in the west.

Deschutes River Fly fishing guide
May and early June are the best months for dry fly action with big stonefly patterns.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide – Our Favorite Hatch: Salmon Flies

The salmon fly hatch on the Deschutes is the MAIN event of the year.  This is when the big bugs come out and the fish get crazy.  Salmon flies and golden stones hatch in May on the Deschutes River.  These bugs are 2-3-1/2″ long and provide a massive meal for hungry trout.  During the peak of the hatch, handfuls of these big bugs can be gleaned from the banks.  The clumsy nature of the giant bugs has them falling into the river off streamside foliage on a nearly continual basis providing the best dry fly fishing of the year!

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide – the best Waters

Water Time Outfitters specializes in three day float trips in the amazing, scenic Deschutes River Canyon.  We float from Trout Creek to Harpham Flats (above Maupin).  This is a 32 mile float trip and for serious boaters only.  This section harbors the best dry fly action on the river and the biggest boat eating rapids too.  These rapids are not for novices.  As we float down river you’ll stop in riffles, eddies and pools that rarely get fished.  Cast to tree lined edges where hungry trout lay waiting to ambush a big dry fly.  Each day our group will convene bankside for a BBQ shore lunch.  Camp staff floats ahead and sets everything up for you each day.

Deschutes River fly fishing guide
The glow of the campfire is the perfect place to rekindle the stories of the days fishing. The big ones lost and landed and the ones you’ll catch tomorrow.
Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide – The Camp

After 30 years of running camps on the Deschutes we’ve got the right gear to keep you comfortable.  You’ll notice the extra comforts we provide whether it’s the 14’x14′ canvas-safari style tents, the super plush sleeping pads or the most comfortable cots you’ve ever tried.  Our goal is to make your experience on the river the best possible.  Time around the campfire at night is a favorite You’ll enjoy the morning view as you sip coffee riverside.  This is often the reset our guests need.  Soaking up the canyon for a few days is good for the soul.

Deschutes River fly fishing guide
Experience dinner with a canyon view.
Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide – Logistics

What you’ll do- fly into Portland (PDX), rent a car and drive to Maupin.  We recommend you stay at the Imperial Inn, located in Maupin OR.  We’ll pick you up bright and early the first morning of your trip and drive upstream to the boat ramp.  We’ll float and fish for 3 days and return you back to your vehicle the last day.  No need for you to worry about shuttles and someone you don’t know driving your car.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide
The Deschutes River is less than 2 hour drive from the Portland International airport.
Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide- How to Book a Trip

Reach out to head guide and keeper of the calendar, Rob Crandall at:  [email protected]   The prime month of May and early June salmon fly action are often booked with our 90%+ plus return business but each year we tend to have some openings.  Plan ahead early to save your spot.  Summer and early fall trips available first come first serve.  Deposits of 50% are required to reserve your spot.

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