How to Row a Drift Boat- 5 Top Tips for the Best Experience

How to Row a Drift Boat
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How To Row a Drift Boat: Mastering the Art of Drift Boat Rowing- A Quick Guide

Drift boat rowing is not just a skill; it’s an art form that opens up a world of exciting possibilities for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re navigating through serene rivers or tackling challenging currents, mastering the techniques of drift boat rowing can significantly enhance your fishing experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into the fundamentals of how to row a drift boat, providing you with the knowledge and skills to navigate confidently and make the most of your river adventures.

How to Row a Drift Boat- First Understanding Drift Boats

Drift boats are specifically designed for rivers, featuring a unique hull shape that allows them to navigate both shallow and turbulent waters. Before diving into rowing techniques, it’s essential to understand the basic components of a drift boat, including the oars, oarlocks, and the rower’s seat. Familiarizing yourself with these elements will set the stage for a smoother rowing experience.

Proper Seating and Balance:

One of the key aspects of successful drift boat rowing is maintaining balance. Proper seating is crucial to distribute your weight evenly and ensure stability. Position yourself on the rower’s seat, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. This stance provides a solid foundation for effective rowing, allowing you to respond swiftly to changing river conditions.

How to Row a Drift Boat: Oar Techniques

The Backstroke:
The backstroke is essential for navigating tight spots or making quick adjustments and is your primary oar stroke. Pull the oar handles towards your chest making short, quick strokes for best control. Mastering this technique enhances your ability to maneuver through challenging river sections.

The Forward Stroke:
The forward stroke is the rowing motion that propels the boat forward. Start with oar handles close to your chest with oar blades vertical and slightly submerged; then push away. Ensure a smooth, controlled motion to maximize efficiency. This helps get you down river quickly but is not the practice for tight maneuvering.

Feathering the Oars:
Feathering the oars involves turning the blades parallel to the water’s surface during the recovery phase of the oar stroke allowing for minute adjustments and fine tuning. This also minimizes wind resistance, making it easier to navigate in varying weather conditions.

Eddy Turns and Ferrying:
Eddy turns and ferrying are advanced techniques used to navigate through currents and obstacles. Practice these maneuvers in calmer waters before attempting them in more challenging conditions. Eddy turns involve using the river’s eddies to change direction, while ferrying allows you to move laterally across the current.

How to Row a Drift Boat: Safety Precautions

While mastering how to row a drift boat can be exhilarating, safety should always be a top priority. Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD), familiarize yourself with the specific river’s conditions, and be aware of potential hazards such as rocks and logs. Additionally, stay updated on weather forecasts to avoid unexpected challenges.  We use this link for checking water conditions in Oregon: Clackamas River.


Rowing a drift boat is a skill that combines technique, intuition, and a deep connection with the river. By understanding the fundamentals of drift boat design, perfecting your oar techniques, and prioritizing safety, you’ll embark on a journey that goes beyond fishing – it becomes an artful expression of navigating the waterways. So, gear up, embrace the challenges, and let the river guide you as you master the art of drift boat rowing.

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