#1 Favorite- Deadly Stonefly Pattern for Trout – Instructional Video

This simple but deadly pattern works well anywhere there are giant stonefly nymphs.

Deadly Stonefly Pattern for Trout

In this blog I share one of my favorite Stonefly patterns for trout.  It’s getting close to our favorite hatch of the year on the Deschutes River- the Salmon Fly Hatch!  Prior to the hatch stonefly nymphs are very active and are starting to migrate to the edges of the river.  These big bugs live in the rocky substrate of the Deschutes river for up to 3 years.  We have both the Black stones and golden stones on the Deschutes River (followed later by Yellow Sallies).  These big bugs are a meal for the native redside trout of the Deschutes.  Fish take these flies aggressively.  Learn how to tie this pattern see the video below.

Deadly Stonefly Pattern for Trout – Getting the Movement Right

There are a wide variety of stonefly patterns for trout available.  This is my variation.  When these bugs get dislodged in the current they struggle and vigorously wiggle trying to get back to a hold on the bottom.  This motion is what we try to imitate with our fly patterns.  By using rubber legs we get good motion as the fly moves in the current.  I like to add marabou to this pattern as well.  This soft fiber easily moves in the current.

Deadly Stonefly Pattern for Trout – Getting the fly Deep

Getting the fly deep is an important aspect to how well your fly produces.  We like to use a tungsten bead for this fly and lead wire.  This ensures the fly gets down even despite the strong currents of the Deschutes River.

Deadly Stonefly Pattern for Trout- How to fish it!

You can catch trout on this pattern in a variety of ways.  The most productive is with a dead drift using a long enough leader to get the fly deep near the bottom.  Adjusting your depth for each spot you fish ensures you get close to the bottom where these bugs live.  Euro-nymphing this fly can be deadly!

If you are interested in learning how to euro-nymph you can learn this deadly technique in one of our on river classes:  EURO NYMPHING CLASS

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