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Deschutes River Steelhead Trips

Flowing north to the mighty Columbia river, the famed Deschutes is home to one of the most robust summer and fall steelhead runs in the lower 48. Single-day outings or our unforgettable multi-day steelhead camps offer a bit of everything for the discerning angler.

Clackamas River Jet Boat Trips

When the key is covering water, you just gotta’ use the best tools to get the job done. For chasing big winter steelhead, there’s simply nothing better than one of our jet boats. Within minutes of Portland’s urban center and deep into your backing? You must be on the Clackamas!

Deschutes River Trout Fishing Trips

We’ll put Oregon up against any state (anywhere) for world class trout fishing. And with a blue ribbon fishery like the Deschutes in beautiful central Oregon, Water Time will put you in the action for some of the hardest fighting rainbows you’ll ever encounter.

Trout Paradise with Chef Jason French

Join us for a culinary fishing expedition into the wilds of the Deschutes Canyon with star chef Jason French in spring’s prime time for trout. Three days of pampered fishing with pro guides Rob Crandall, Todd Rettmann and Jason French; chef-owner of the beloved Ned Ludd.

Winter Spey Strategies Video

Rob Crandall and friends show you how to go deep for winter steelhead, demonstrating the spey tactics and gear required for the swung fly in cold water. The video includes the details on fishing a Skagit Line, sink tip, and spey flies in a variety of water types and conditions.

Trout Masters Class with Dave Hughes

Unlock the riddles of the Deschutes hatch with legendary author and angler Dave Hughes. Learn and enjoy the beauty as we experience the riffles, runs, back eddies and sudsy trout spots of the best trout river in Oregon during this 32-mile float through its wild and scenic river canyon.

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