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Steelhead Swing-O-logy Class

Deschutes Steelhead Fly Class participant.

Have you been frustrated by lack of success Steelhead fishing? Do you want to know how to identify good Steelhead water on your own and what is the proper swing? Do you get confused by all the gear, terms and where to start?
Steelhead SWING-O-LOGY is the perfect solution for anglers who want to advance their skills and dive deep into the whys and ways of Steelhead fly fishing success. This hands on class is brought to you by the guides at Water Time Outfitters and will be held on the banks of the lower Deschutes River at our spey water jet boat camp.
We make it easy for you to find success! Immerse yourself in Steelhead fly fishing in this three day session on the world famous Deschutes River. We will cover Steelhead flies, knots, gear, spey casting, reading water, wading, the grab, fish handling, sun angles, dry line and sink tip strategies and much more.
Elevate your game and change your Steelhead fly fishing world with this three day class held Aug 16-18. You’ll Get: daily lessons, guided jet boat fishing, meals, boaters pass, super comfortable riverside camp, camp staff and great instructor/guides all for only $895. (compare to normal 3 day package at $1250)
Don’t let frustration and doubt continue to cloud your success! Limited spots left. Save your spot today, email:

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