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Summer Fishing Report


It’s mid-July and fishing here in Oregon is all over the state.  It’s such a beautiful time of year in this part of the world wherever you go your going to be in Oregon’s best weather of the year.  Fly fishing here in Oregon we have so many options.  Here’s a quick rundown on some of our local fisheries.

Deschutes River:  Trout fishing has been pretty good on the D with hatches of caddis flies the main event.  Look for tan caddis size 16 and 18.  Use emergers before and during the hatch; typically there is a hatch in the morning and one in the evening just before dark this time of year.  Nymph and caddis larvae work during the mid-day duldrums but often hot weather mid-day can slow the fishing.  Steelhead have been off to a slow start and numbers at the dams so far are not encouraging.  Look for these numbers to ramp up sharply any time now.

Clackamas River: Not to much to report, a few summer steelhead have shown up but the run seems small so far.  This time of year get there early and leave early before the rafter/splash and giggle crowd arrive.

Willamette River Bass: this is prime time for the next 2.5 months smallmouth on the Willy will be as active as they get.  This time of year the water temps hit 70 degrees and the bass fishing ramps up.  Try sinktips and leeches in black, olive, streamer patterns with flash to imitate minnows in the 2-3″ range.  Fish to structure and near the bottom for best results.

Columbia/Willamette:  Shad are about done now but still trickling in through the last week.  It was a whopper run this year of over 7.4 million shad!


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