Spey Casting Lessons near Portland for Winter Steelhead – #1 Best Way to Catch More!

Spey Casting Lessons near Portland
Efficient spey casting is a first step to steelhead fly fishing success.

Spey Casting Lessons near Portland Oregon

Have you struggled with spey casting?  Spey casting lessons near Portland help you get going for winter steelhead!  We do a lot of lessons and have some great options for you. One options that covers spey casting A-Z is our Winter Spey Skagit Mastery Class . In this class we will cover spey casting basics to advanced and dive into more advanced strategies for casting under tough conditions. We typically will use jet boats to cast and fish a variety of river situations- helping you learn your cast on both right and left hand sides of the river.  After a several hour session of spey casting and advanced swung fly tactics we will fish and apply what you’ve learned.

Private Spey Casting Lessons near Portland

We can also do Private Spey Casting Lessons near Portland. These lessons start with the basics and help build a good foundation of spey casting skills. We encourage several sessions so you can build on the basics you learn in the first session and solidify what you’ve learned into a lifelong skillset. We cover the gear, proper form, D-loop formation, anchor placement, proper rod path and basic casts like the Double Spey, C-cast, and Single Spey casts plus a whole lot more!

Meeting Place: Clackamas River near Portland on classic steelhead water
Meeting Time: 9 AM or other agreed upon time
What: Spey Casting Lesson 1.5 hours with one of the WTO Instructors
When: TBD
What to Bring: Waders, wading boots, protective eyewear (sunglasses), hat, weather appropriate clothing

Class Fee: $100 for 1 or $150 for 2 

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For Spey Casting Lessons Near Portland:

We will bring spey rods for you to use or bring your own. Efficient spey casting helps you become a more effective steelhead angler.  Getting your basics down right is the best thing you can do to help accelerate your success!

You might be interested in our Other Spey Casting Lessons near Portland such as:

Winter Spey Skagit Mastery Class  

This class is all about winter spey casting strategies. This class has something for every caster from beginner to expert. Our expert guides and instructors will give you the hands on tools you need to advance your skills from wherever your at with the main goal to help you catch more fish.

You’ll learn specific details of the cast that will enable you to have the tools you need to analyze your own cast and self diagnose so you can correct your cast long after the class is over. Learn the foundational principles you need for success along with the finer points you need to excel and build your skills for a lifetime of great casts.

Let’s face it better casters fish more efficiently and often catch more fish. Let us help you increase your skills so you can increase your success!

Winter Steelhead Fishing Mastery Class- 2 Part Jet Boat Trip

This two part class is designed to give you the best instruction available for building your casting and fishing skills plus gives you a great shot at steelhead success! First, join our guides/instructors for a 4 hour on water session where you’ll learn SKAGIT CASTING fundamentals. You’ll learn anchor placement, rod path positioning, Double Spey, Snap T, C-Spey and more in the casting segment of this class. We will also cover Spey Fishing Techniques – giving you a Five Step Formula for success. The next day we will utilize those strategies in the search for steelhead.

Part two of this class meets at the crack of dawn for a 5 hour go fish session. With the jet boat we will move you fast from one key fishing run to the next to give you the best possibilities of success while you get hands on instruction with the steelhead strategies you learned the day before; only this time you’re on the quest for chrome!

This class will help you establish good casting fundamentals, give you a method to self assess your casting and improve into the future building a lifetime of effective casts and essentially changing your steelhead fly fishing success trajectory. Not only will you learn the basics of spey casting but you’ll also learn the Five Step Plan for cold water steelhead fly fishing success.

Prepayment for classes is required.  Winter months we have a number of openings during the week and some on weekends.  Please drop me an email with more questions or to get started:  [email protected] 

Water Time Outfitters, Inc is a small company based in Oregon with staff who have big hearts for steelhead.  Our favorite thing is to swing flies for these amazing creatures.  Our guides and instructors are passionate about what they do and it shows with the quality of service we provide.  We know clients want to know they are spending time and money on a great experience.  We aim to surpass expectations with expert, fun-loving guides/instructors and exceptional hospitality, so our guests can focus on their love of fishing, maximize your success, and take home memories that last a lifetime.  See more at:  watertimeoutfitters.com

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