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Deschutes River Summer Trout Trips- Oregon’s Best with a New Twist

Deschutes River Redband Trout.

Want to experience the best trout fishing Oregon has to offer?  How about world class-wild-Rainbow Trout fishing in 2000′ deep canyons with super fun whitewater all at our best price of the year!  Experience the canyon with the professional staff of Water Time Outfitters on our Summer Trout Special- just one trip left-sign up info below.  Our signature camps are second to none; experience the wildlife, white water and fly fishing on Oregon’s best River- truly a bucket list trip!

In case you didn’t know, the Deschutes River is a gem among NW rivers and a mecca for trout anglers; this summer, caddis hatches – met by wild rainbow trout and the scenic canyon setting combine to provide you a must experience river trip.  With the full beauty of the deep canyon and surrounding wildlife it’s easy to see why the river has been declared a National Scenic Waterway.  This world class fishery is only available to guides like WTO with exclusive BLM permits.  Join us for a drift boat float trip searching out the riffles, sudsy eddies and foamy pockets for the amazing Deschutes River rainbows.

Deschutes River Double Hookup!

The Fishing:
Trout on the Deschutes average a strong 14″ with some fish up to 20″ these fish are solid and strong fighters that in my opinion would whip any Montana trout.  The oxygenated waters of the Deschutes average a steady 6 mph, combined with a heady diet of protein these feisty fish put up a good battle.  July-October expect good to excellent hatches of caddis.  These fluttering moth-like insects are a staple on the daily diet for these fish this time of year.  We fish dries in pockets, riffles and eddies to rising fish often spotting big bruisers and fishing to specific fish.  When the dry fly action is not on – working subsurface with nymphs is a deadly combination.
The NEW Twist:
You may have heard or perhaps not but the new strategy that is simply killing it in the right water is Euro-Nymphing.  This technique brought to us by the Europeans and World Tournament fly anglers has been refined and tuned for our NW fisheries and Euro-nymphing at times is literally amazing on the Deschutes!  Come and learn this new strategy you can employ on your favorite river.  PLUS-our guides have been finding some BIG rainbows with streamer fishing strategies.  If you’d like to learn the EURO-NYMPH, STREAMER Strategies or just fish dries this trip is a blast!

Riverside camp on the Deschutes.

The Camp: 
You might call it Glamping but we call it home.  Our camps on the Deschutes are simply home away from home and we strive to make you as comfortable as possible.  Our tents are canvas tents 14’x 14′ with plenty of room to stand up and walk around.  We provide the most comfortable cots available and cushy sleeping pads.  Our camp staff goes ahead and sets up the camp so you simply fish and relax.
We meet you in the town of Maupin, OR and drive upriver in our vehicles to the Trout Creek put in.  This gives us access to a 32 mile float that is the best trout water on the river.  In addition, the big whitewater here limits traffic from other anglers.  We float three days and get you back to your vehicle mid-afternoon the last day in Maupin.
Open Dates: 
We have these few spots left open in 2019- please reserve ASAP if you want a spot.  Each trip we can take up to 6 anglers and 8 can easily be accommodated.
Aug 12-14, 2019- FULL
Aug 29-31, 2019
Oct 4-6, 2019 FULL
Summer Trout Trip Special Price: 
This three day trout trip adventure includes: all meals starting with lunch day 1 thru lunch last day, boaters pass, pick up and drop off in Maupin, three days guided fishing and drift boating the Deschutes River, flies and fly gear as needed for only:  $1250 per person – need minimum group size of 4 (if you only have one or two in your group we can pair you with others). (Regular Price is $1450)
Sign up now- email me at:

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