Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips our #1 Best Steelhead Trip!

Deschutes River Steelhead Fly Fishing Jet Boat Trips

Water Time Outfitters specializes in multi-day steelhead jet boat camp trips. Deschutes River steelhead jet boat trips with Water Time Outfitters take you to the best parts of this remote canyon.   Jet Boat Camp trips are our specialty.  

Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips- About the Deschutes River

The Deschutes River originates in the high cascade mountains of central Oregon.  At 252 miles long it is one of longest rivers in the state of Oregon.  The lower 100 miles of the Deschutes are well known for it’s trout and steelhead fishing.  Legendary waters of the lower Deschutes start at Mack’s Canyon and extend to the mouth just 24 miles down river.  This is the prime zone for Deschutes River Steelhead Jet boat trips.

This lower 24 miles from Mack’s Canyon to the mouth where the Deschutes meets the Columbia river is wild and scenic.  It’s common to see deer, big horn sheep, blue heron, bald eagles and golden eagles.  The canyon is roughly 2000′ deep here with rounded grassy hills marked with steep basalt cliffs.  Within this canyon you will experience an incredible geologic and cultural history and a diverse community of fish, wildlife and vegetation.

Deschutes Steelhead Jet Boat Trips

Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips- About the Fish

A wide variety of fish species inhabit the Deschutes River.  Many anglers love to fish for the native Redband Rainbow trout in the Deschutes; a hardy and beautifully colored variety of the rainbow trout.  Other species include Rocky Mountain Whitefish, both Spring and Fall Chinook salmon, coho salmon and our favorite STEELHEAD.

Steelhead arrive as early as July in the Deschutes River.  The summer/fall run builds into September and continues upriver to spawning zones like Trout Creek and Warm Springs rivers.  Steelhead won’t spawn until late winter or even early spring when snow melt raises the water level in smaller tributaries and they can rush upstream to fertile spawning grounds.

Steelhead fly fishing in the Deschutes River combines the best of all things steelhead.  The canyon surroundings are just part of the amazing setting but when you look at it from a fish point of view the Deschutes is a perfect mix for what they need.

As steelhead migrating up the Columbia river basin to numerous eastern Washington rivers and big rivers of Idaho like the Salmon River or the Snake River they often encounter warm water in the Columbia- sometimes lethally warm.

The Deschutes River enters just in time to offer a cooler more oxygenated water life saver for thousands of migrating steelhead.  As these fish don’t spawn until Feb-April they are not in a big hurry and often migrate many miles up the Deschutes river.  This combination of cooler water keeps them very active and aggressive.  This river is one of the best summer/fall locations to catch steelhead on the surface!  That’s right steelhead will come right up to the surface and eat a swung fly off the top.

Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips
Steelhead on the Deschutes River are very aggressive on the swung fly- even on the surface!

Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips- Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Morning and evenings on the Deschutes are prime time to swing floating lines and flies on or just under the surface.  This is the pinnacle of fly fishing!  Seeing a 10lb steelhead hammer a fly on the surface is about as exciting as fly fishing freshwater gets!

As the sun hits the water fish become more reluctant to move to the surface so we utilize sinking tip lines and get our flies down.  This can be very productive fishing.

Be sure to have your drag set and plenty of backing!  Steelhead on the Deschutes are known for their aggressive outstanding battles, big jumps and line screaming runs.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Guide
The Deschutes River is less than 2 hour drive from the Portland International airport.  We meet clients downstream from the town of Maupin at Mack’s Canyon to give clients the best fishing with fewer anglers.
Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips- How does it Work?

Our trips focus on getting you the best fishing opportunities possible and this is woven into our approach.  We like to meet guests at the Mack’s Canyon boat ramp.  This remote boat ramp gives you the best access the least crowded section of the lower river.  We meet in the afternoon so you’re not driving at 3am to get there.

Go to camp, settle in, rig your rods and get ready for the evening fishing.  We’ll fish until dark (or until your tired) and then head to camp for an amazing chef prepared meal.

Guides for our steelhead jet boat trips are licensed (Oregon State Marine board and U.S. Coast Guard licensing) and insured as well as holders of special Bureau of Land Management permits for jet boat trips on the Deschutes River.  We will secure your daily boaters passes as well as provide life jackets, first aid kits and all your meals on these trips.

Mornings on the river are great.  Steelhead camp starts early so roll out of your comfortable plush sleeping pad and the best cots made and have a cup of coffee.  After you’re wadered up we’ll fish camp water or head out in the boats to the fishiest runs you’ve ever seen.  Typically we will have breakfast on the boat after you’ve fished a run or two and are actually hungry.  We will fish until the sun is high then head back to camp for lunch, a mid-day break then head out in the afternoon again.

Each day we aim to maximize your fishing and success; this includes helping you be well rested, well fed and comfortable.  Time in our Jet Boat Steelhead Camp often leaves our guests refreshed and renewed ready for the same trip the next year.

Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips
Camp life on the River.
Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Trips – How to Reserve my Spot

Our steelhead jet boat camp trips are very limited and repeat customers fill most of our dates.  To get on our cancellation list for open spots please email:  [email protected]

Trip Fees:

3 fishing days, 2 nights: $1,550 per angler
4 fishing days, 3 nights: $2,050 per angler
5 fishing days, 4 nights: $2,500 per angler

To book your spot or See more about click here:  Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Camp Trips

Deschutes River Steelhead Jet Boat Camp
Lunch time on the river.
Deschutes River Steelhead jet boat trips
Steelhead jet boat camp gives you so much time on the water many anglers are ready for an after lunch nap.
Deschutes River steelhead jet boat trips
The evening glow of the dining table will soon be filled with angler stories, laughter and good times.

Wading on the Deschutes River can be tricky.  We recommend wading boots with felt and spikes.  This one from Korkers Wading boots is our favorite.  Another useful tool is a wading staff.  This one from Simms is a favorite.

Who is Water Time Outfitters? Water Time Outfitters is a local Oregon based business that loves fly fishing.  We feel that when anglers plan a fly fishing trip they need to know they are spending time and money on a great experience.  We aim to surpass their expectations with expert, fun-loving guides and exceptional hospitality, so our guests can focus on their love of fishing, maximize their success and take home memories that last a lifetime.  See more about our guided fly fishing trips or to make your reservation visit our webpage: 

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