Deschutes River Salmon Fly Hatch Report- May 2014

Fly Fishing Deschutes River Redband Rainbow Trout

Salmon fly action is full swing on the Deschutes here at the May 20th marker.  Both golden stones and black stones from Maupin,OR to Warm Springs area farther north the big bugs are out in good numbers.  Our recent trips are starting to show waning numbers of the big bugs in the Maupin area.  Other Deschutes River hatches are making a showing at the same time and we are seeing trout feed on caddis, PMD’s, PMD spinner fall, and PED’s.

An adult stonefly next to the nymphal casing.  Stoneflies crawl out of the river on emergence.

Water levels are very nice for fishing this time of year and are relatively low.  Oregon’s snow pack in this region is billed to be about normal. Water clarity is good and the weather has been fairly nice with some great days in the mid-80’s.  We have not seen the super hot 90+ degree weather that really gets the egg laying action of the salmon flies in crazy mode.  Just a nice spattering of egg laying on the warmer days.  In addition the killer to the dry fly action – cool wet days have mostly missed this season so far.

Golden Stones in the grass along the Deschutes River
Fishing during the salmon fly hatch is best near structure.  We rig our rods with either 7-1/2 or 9′- 4X tapered leaders and use patterns like: Clarks Stone Fly, Norm Woods Special, Sofa Pillow etc… but our favorite is the Chubby Chernobyl.  This pattern moves and simulates the lifelike appearance of the natural fly very well. These big bugs are clumsy crashing fliers and offer an excellent protien pack for trout.  
Water Time Outfitter guides like Rob Crandall and Gil Muhleman have been working the waters of the Deschutes River for over 20 years.  We float the best waters of the canyon and know the river inside and out.  Our favorite way to cover the salmon fly hatch is with the multi-day float trip. This gets you away from the crowded waters of this popular hatch and into the best dry fly action of the river.  Serious whitewater on the Deschutes river keeps out the novice boaters and allows experienced oarsmen rested water where big trout thrive.  Come join us on a river adventure!  See more at:
Getting ready for dinner on the river

Long time Water Time Outfitters client enjoys the evening on the river

Camp boss Marty Smith prepares breakfast in the glow of the canyon sun.

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