Oregon’s Deschutes River Caddis Action in July

If you want to find some great dry fly fishing without the crowds on one of Oregon’s finest blue ribbon trout streams and with-in 2 hours of the Portland airport- come join us on the Deschutes River!  In July caddis flies and mayflies consistently hatch each day providing the fly fishing angler prime opportunity at strong wild trout.  Much of our fishing this time of year is visual where we spot the fish and cast to it – watching the fish rise to the fly is a thrill!

Our favorite gear for trout fishing in July are #4 or #5 weight fly rods armed with floating lines.  On the end of these lines we use a tapered leader that finishes up on the business end with 5X tippet.  To this we add on a variety of caddis dry flies.  Morning and evening hatches are the norm and mid-day fishing can be excellent as well. 

This time of year has a fishing challenge for every skill level.  Beginning anglers score on open riffles and wadable flats meanwhile veteran anglers can test their savvy on big trout sipping surface flies in the shade of arching alder trees.  New angler or advanced the Deschutes has much to offer.

Whitewater, canyon scenery, wildlife and great fishing await in the Deschutes River canyon.  Managed carefully by the BLM this river gem is listed as a Wild & Scenic River a designation only found on few of Oregon’s best rivers.   

The best way to reach the most productive waters of the Deschutes is to hire a knowledgeble and experienced fishing guide. The whitewater stretches of Whitehorse Rapids are not for beginners.  Here we look to Water Time Outfitter guides Rob Crandall and Gil Muhleman.  These guys have been working the waters of the Deschutes canyon for over 20 years.  That experience lends to know how on those secret spots where the big fish feed and knowing what fly to use when.  To connect with guides Rob and Gil visit our website at: www.watertimeoutfitters.com

 Evening Caddis hatch time!

Relaxing in the summer shade on the Deschutes

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