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Clackamas River Steelhead – Guided Jet Boat Trips

Guided Jet Boat Steelhead Trips – Clackamas River

On the Clackamas River we target winter, spring and summer steelhead just minutes from the Portland airport. Long runs, choppy riffles and sweet hidey holes are everywhere on the Clackamas if you know where to look. With perfect water for the swung fly, chrome fish arriving daily and a mountain view the Clack is the perfect choice for the spey rod angler. Variety and options abound on the Clackamas. With the speed and versatility of the jet boat we can cover many different sections of the river often without other anglers; during low water times the drift boat comes in handy.

We fish the Clackamas from February through June.

Guided jet boat trips cover the best waters of the river, timing our fishing locations to optimize our results. Full day trips may cover many miles or just a few depending on where the fish are; the mobility of the jet boats helps us “stay in the fish”. Hot riverside meals are served with your full day of fishing with the jet boat.

Make the most of your time on the water, come fish with Rob Crandall on his home river. Rob grew up on the banks of the Clackamas and has been guiding it since 1992. He knows the river intimately and loves to introduce anglers to the hardy steelhead of the Clack.

Guided Jet Boat Trips –   One angler (w/lunch) $400
Two anglers (w/lunch) $495
Three anglers (w/lunch)    $650
Jet Boat Half Day Special –   One angler $175
Two anglers $300
Three anglers $375

Book your trip now – call to reserve your spot or more details: 503-704-6449  see our website:  

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