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Over the years we’ve covered nearly every topic possible related to Oregon Fly Fishing. Whatever you’re hoping to learn, it’s probably here!

Deschutes River Trout Report

It’s spring time in Oregon and if you are a trout fisherman you are likely thinking about the Deschutes river.  More specifically you are probably considering when the hatch is

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Deschutes River Salmon Fly Action

Tradition has it in Oregon that when the Dogwood trees start to bloom the spring Chinook are running; another tradition that holds true in Oregon is when the Redwing Blackbirds

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Deschutes River Report May 3, 2014

Beginning Fly Fishing Class on the Deschutes Water Time Outfitters starts the spring season of trout fishing on Oregon’s Deschutes River.  Hatches in the spring can be sparse until things

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Salmon Fly Workshop – Deschutes River

Water Time Outfitters offers the perfect package for fly anglers plying the Deschutes River salmon fly hatch.  Have you ever been there and experienced frustration- struggling for success while trout

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Deschutes River Caddis Fly Workshop

2012 Caddis Fly Workshop Deschutes River Caddis Flies-Mystery Solved Water Time Outfitters has the perfect package for fly anglers plying the Deschutes River during the summer.  Have you ever been there

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Deschutes Salmon Fly Report

May 26, 2012 Fishing on the Deschutes River has been excellent for the past week.  Weather fronts have presented different fishing situations but the variety of available insects and current

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