Deschutes River Caddis Fly Workshop

2012 Caddis Fly Workshop
Deschutes River Caddis Flies-Mystery Solved

Water Time Outfitters has the perfect package for fly anglers plying the Deschutes River during the summer.  Have you ever been there and experienced frustration-struggling for success while trout readily ate naturals? Or seen so many bugs on the water and not one rise to your dry fly? We explore these problems and offer solutions in this one day class. We’ll meet on the water at 9am armed with coffee and donuts. We will have a detailed discussion of the caddis fly hatch, how it works and what patterns produce. Then we’ll spend some time on the water revealing our tricks of the trade for best success. We provide a full lunch, an entomology session and an afternoon fishing session in this action packed day.

This class is taught by Rob Crandall, Water Time Outfitters guide and editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine.

Special Class offering is only July 21, prepayment is required to reserve your spot, fee is $100. Please email or call to enroll. 503-704-6449 or email: [email protected]

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