Deschutes River – After the Hatch – Top Tips

Fishing pressure on the Deschutes during the world famous salmon fly hatch is as busy as it gets on this amazing river.  Trout feel the pressure and respond accordingly.  Here are a few tricks to increase your success “after the hatch”.
1.  Fish smaller flies.  The big bugs crashing on the surface are gone- consider smaller Pheasant tail nymphs in sz 16 & 18.  Midge larvae are also productive in sizes 18-20.  
2.  Get your fly down.  Some of the biggest fish of the season are fooled on the big dries of salmon fly time- fool my once…These big guys are often reluctant to head to the surface after the hatch.
3. Dial in your emergers.  This can be a challenge as these are the most elusive bug to capture.  Try adjusting size and colors to find the best imitation of pmd and caddis emergers for success. 
4.  Fish deep in back-eddies.  As hatches wane, more food piles up in eddies.  Fish deep here for the big fish of the river.  Try a sunk mayfly spinner pattern. 
Good luck out there on the water!  

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