Salmon Flies Get Smashed on the Deschutes

It’s that time of year for the annual salmon fly hatch on Central Oregon’s Deschutes River.  Big black stones and tasty golden stones are hatching in big numbers and trout are noticing.  These are the biggest of stoneflies found on the Deschutes.  Prolific hatches in May bring the biggest fish to the surface.  Trout lock on these big bugs like a line backer chasing down a “Big Mac”.  The surface take is often a smashing slash of water spray.

The fly patterns we use are big and that makes seeing the fly easy.  It is a fun time of year to fish for trout.  Favorite patterns are Norm Woods Special, Stimulators, Sofa Pillow and the now famous Chubby Chernobyl.

Fishing these big bugs under trees and around foliage is most productive as clumsy bugs often crash out of the overhang and into the water.  Once on the water they flutter and skitter anxiously trying to avoid the maw of the trout.

Check out this video fishing salmon fly dries from earlier in the week on the Deschutes River.

Want to see more on fly fishing Oregon’s Deschutes River?  Visit our website:

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