Steelhead Swing Book #1 Best Techniques for Winter Steelhead

Steelhead Swing Book
Where ever you chase steelhead, the cold water time of year adds a layer of difficulty. Learning the strategies of winter steelhead fishing can significantly increase your odds of success.

Steelhead Swing Book

Rob Crandall’s “5 Steps to Winter Spey Success” is the #1 best Steelhead Swing book multi-media learning tool.  You get the tactics successful fly anglers use to fish with confidence plus 18 videos to show you how!

Are you tired of fishing for winter steelhead only to have cold feet, no results and wondering if you are
doing it right?

Steelhead swung fly fishing is hard, especially in recent years with depressed numbers of fish.  This
makes learning the strategies for success that much more important.  Even seasoned anglers spend
countless hours going through the motions but not fishing effectively.

If you are just starting out it’s easy to get frustrated and disappointed fly fishing for winter steelhead.
You are cold, the water is cold, and the fish are cold!  This is different fishing than the warm water time
of year when fish will rise to the surface to take a fly.

Steelhead Swing Book – Learn to fish with Confidence

Would you like to fish with confidence? Rob Crandall’s Steelhead Swing Book gives you a 5 Step
Formula for success. This info packed e-book comes with 18 videos to teach you how to level up your
winter steelhead fly fishing success.

With over 30 years of guiding winter steelhead author Rob Crandall shares his secrets to success in the
new Steelhead Swing E book: “5 Steps to Winter Spey Success”. This detailed guide shows you how to be effective for
winter steelhead. Rob’s instruction shares the techniques and tricks his clients use to successfully and
consistently catch winter steelhead on the swung fly. It’s like getting your own personal Steelhead Fly
Fishing Class.

Steelhead Swing Book- Details for Success

Each chapter gives you detailed instruction on how to fly fish for winter steelhead. This is not a high-
level overview; each section Rob goes through the 5 Step Strategies for Success in granular detail. Then,
your learning is reinforced with exceptional how-to instructional video produced by Devan Ence
@ encemedia for each topic. This steelhead fly fishing book is unique in approach and unparalleled in
multi-media format.

Common sense details of success compiled over 30 years of fishing distilled into an easy-to-read format.
In addition to the advanced techniques for success that the author teaches there is also a lot of
additional information. Bonus tips from properly sharpening your hook, understanding flylines and
sinktips and so much more. There are 9 bonus videos packed with great info!

Why struggle through another winter season wondering if you are doing it right. Get the ebook, learn
and fish with confidence today!

It’s easy to download. Get it today!

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Cost is $24.99

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One of the main mistakes most winter steelhead anglers make is that their winter and summer swung fly strategies are essentially the same. Winter needs a different approach!

Learn the core secrets to catching winter steelhead and follow the 5-step process our clients find success with in our new, multimedia ebook.

This is no ordinary ebook. Each step of the process is linked to exclusive videos we produced to go along with this book. You won’t just read about these techniques. You’ll see them in action.

We’ve also stuffed this ebook full of BONUS CONTENT on the details of winter fly fishing and beyond.

Download a Preview here.

All e-book sales are final, no refunds or returns.

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