Steelhead Fly Patterns by Rob Crandall

I have finally put some of my favorite fly patterns out there in the commercial world.  These flies have been great producers for me for many years.  Each pattern has a specific use and water clarity application.  In generall there is a pattern for low and clear water, medium green to darker green waters.  All these flies work on steelies nearly year round.  I use them on the Oregon Coast, Clackamas and Sandy Rivers and the Deschutes River in summer and fall.

You can now use my secret guiding patterns that produce result for my clients on a daily basis.  Flies are available at great fly shops like Royal Treatment Fly shop in West Linn, OR 503-850-4397 and online at:

Good luck on the water!
Rob Crandall

Devils Candy- This is a killer leech pattern that has seductive flash and appeal.  Works especially good on low-clear water conditions or on fish that have been in the river a while. 

Guides Choice- this pattern is a favorite in the green waters of winter steelhead fishing.  Cerise and Orange colors show up well and move and swim in the water.  This is a go-to pattern in winter.

Promise Keeper: this pattern is a great combo of cerise and black with a bit of flash.  It is a top producer most of the year.  Works especially well in them medium green to clear water conditions.  

Crandall’s Provider:  Black and Blue has always been a traditional color combo for steelhead that gets results.  This pattern uses Ostrich herl tied in Intruder style to get movement and action in the water.  Always a go-to pattern on any blue sky day or medium to clear water conditions. 

Crandall’s Steelhead Nightmare:  This fly I had the hardest time turning over to the commercial side.  It is an all time best producer for me and it is hard to beat for both winter, spring, summer and fall fish. Black and red are great colors for steelies add in the white lead eye and there is a definite color contrast and eye grabber for steelies.  

Crandall’s Wedding Dress:  This fly is much better that the traditional “Prom Dress” pattern in that the flash body of the fly articulates and really moves.  This fly is a killer anywhere aggressive steelhead live!  

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