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Spey Casting Class – Near Portland

Thinking about trying your hand at Spey casting? Want to learn a new cast or try a different line? Take a class! We are offering a special three hour class for the beginner looking for an introduction to Spey casting, or the intermediate caster looking to improve. This class will address the differences between Skagit, Scandi and traditional Spey casting, helping you choose the technique best suited to the way you want to fish. Learn the basics, or improve your casting prowess. 
We will have a few rods and lines to test drive. Students will need personal gear and warm clothes.
This class is limited to 4 students and will be held on Saturday, December 20th, from 9:00 to 12:00 at Barton Park on the Clackamas. Our instructor for this class is Rob Crandall of Water Time Outfitters.
Cost is $65.00 per person. 

Click the link below to book your spot in this class with Royal Treatment Fly Shop:

Spey Casting Class- Book My Spot

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