Steelhead, Coho and Trout Fishing Report September 2022

Steelhead fly fishing the Deschutes River.
Steelhead Fishing Report September
Steelhead numbers are jumping again at Bonneville dam on the Columbia River. We are now over 100,000 steelhead for this year’s run and still going. We have a long ways to go but this is definitely better than the last few years.
Lower high temperatures, shorter days and cooler nights have spurred steelhead movement through the Columbia River system. For Sept 9,10 and 11 counts have been 1777, 2192 and 2294 fish per day. These are solid numbers for this time of year, at or above the 10 year average. Water temps at the mouth of the Deschutes have been hovering at a relatively cool 60 degrees while the Columbia at the Dalles dam has been 70-71 degrees. This creates a natural draw that sends fish bound for the upper Columbia on up the Deschutes for cooler more oxygenated water (and better fishing for us!)
Steelhead Fishing Report September on the Deschutes
Fishing has been better than the last few years with a good chance for success for those willing to put in the time. Fish seem to be found in pods as they move up river and are spread through the system. There could be a few stragglers above Maupin but it’s still early for up there. Fish dry lines in the morning and evenings and sink tips mid-day. Try the Crandall’s Devils Candy for our favorite mid-day pattern. Keep moving to find the fish.
Meanwhile salmon numbers on the Columbia River system have been spectacular. Counts of Fall Chinook at Bonneville dam have been between 20,000- 30,000 per day for the last week.
Trout Fishing the Deschutes
Trout fishing on the Deschutes has had a spark as cooler water from the dam has reinvigorated trout fishing. Recently water temps at Pelton dam near Madras have settled in around 54 degrees. We’ve seen decent caddis hatches and good numbers of mahogany duns. We’ve also seen some really nice sized trout showing. Green perdigon in a variety of sizes is the best producer lately.
Coho Fishing the Clackamas
We are heading into prime time for the Clackamas river coho fishery. This can be a lot of fun with good numbers of coho headed our way we expect to see some decent action in the next month. Typically what we do here is cast and retrieve flies in deep pools. Coho often give away their presence with splashy rises. We have limited guide days available for this fun, close to home fishery. Let us know if you’d like to get out for coho!
We look forward to time on the water with you!
Tight Lines,
Rob Crandall & the Water Time Guide Team
P.S. Keep watching…we are working on something awesome to help you catch more WINTER steelhead. We will be announcing something in the next couple months!
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