Deschutes Salmonflies May 25

The salmon fly hatch has progressed all the way to Warm Springs on the Deschutes river and trout are taking them off the surface.  Our guides are fishing from Warm Springs to Maupin.  The weather has been rainy and cool keeping the bugs hunkered down on the shoreline foliage.  When the sun comes out and warms things up the bugs get active and are on the water.  The river level has been high, yesterday near Madras the level was at 6240 cfs. 

Yesterday between the rain showers fishing was good along the edges.  We saw salmon flies and golden stones on the water, pmd’s hatching, blue wing olives and a few green drakes hatching.  In the morning a mass of hovering midges were on the menu.  Our mid-morning midge pattern worked for a few fish that didn’t want anything else. 

We are on for another 3 day trip today.  Stay tuned for more river reports.

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