The Guides Choice- A Fly Pattern for Winter

One of my favorite patterns for the green waters of winter is the “Crandall’s Guides Choice”.  This pattern is commercially produced for me by Spirit River.  It has combines color and movement to get results during winter flows.  First, I tie this pattern with a small lead eye, I like white because it gives a spot of color that stands out.  When water clarity is low colors that really show up are key.  Some of my favorites for low visibility (low clarity) is fire orange and cerise.  These make a powerful combination and represent squid colors steelhead are used to eating out in the ocean for the last several years.  The movement of the extended rabbit fur tail is excellent combined with the flowing/swimming motion from the specially designed wing of ostrich herl.  
Try this pattern or one like it on the green waters of winter where you fish!  I think you’ll like it.  Find this pattern at:  or Royal Treatment Fly Shop in West Linn, OR 503-850-4397
Please note: when tying this fly rotate the hook opposite of the photo above.  Spirit river has now corrected this problem but hook point riding up is best.  It reduces nasty snags and is better on the fish you hook.  Thanks!  Rob Crandall

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