Shad for Bait – The Secret for Great Crabbing!

Have you tried using Shad for bait?  I recently got a text from a happy customer.  It read, “Hey Rob, we traded in some of that shad we caught with you!  We had an outstanding day of crabbing on the Oregon coast.  We had some pots we pulled that you couldn’t have stuffed any more crab in!”

Perhaps you haven’t heard or even thought of using shad for bait but it’s a very productive bait for crawfish, halibut, sturgeon and especially crab.  Some crabbers report that the seals will leave the shad bait alone in places where they will steal other baits.

“We had some pots we pulled that you couldn’t stuff any more crab in there!”

Wrapping shad individually in newspaper and then freezing makes them easy to work with rather than taking a giant frozen lump of shad out of the freezer.

Fly fishing for shad is a blast for anglers of all ages. It’s not uncommon for three anglers to catch fish at one time!

We offer fly fishing trips for shad in June and early July.  These fish are fun to catch on a fly rod and are great fighters!  Shad runs in recent years have ranged in size from 4.3 million fish to nearly 7 million strong.  There are plenty of fish to catch and they tend to bite readily.  Come join us for some fast action shad fishing and turn that shad into crab!

Find out more about our fly fishing-made-easy shad fishing trips here.


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