Portland Fly Fishing Fun- June

Shad fishing near Portland Oregon with Water Time Outfitters

The old adage is that the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work always rings true but in June- near Portland, Oregon you can have both; that is a great half day catching fish on the river and get some work done in the office too!  Why is that? June is the month that millions of great fighting fish run the rivers of the Columbia and Willamette right through the heart of Portland.  What that means to you is you can litterally hop in one of Water Time Outfitters guide boats and be catching a fish faster than you can get a coffee at a busy Starbucks!

The American shad is a hard fighting fish that returns from the ocean each year to the waters of the Willamette River.  The Columbia basin (including the Willamette River) host the worlds largest run of American Shad.  These fish run anywhere from 1lb to over 6lbs and are excellent fun to catch.  Using fly rods in the #5-6 weight range these members of the herring family fight like crazy!  Not 20 minutes from downtown Portland we find schools of the fish often referred to as the “Poor Man’s Tarpon” willingly taking the fly.

The scenic Oregon City Falls on the Willamette River is a historic area that provides the backdrop for much of our shad fishing.  Combine epic fishing with incredible scenery and you’ve got a great combination!
Fishing on the Willamette River is varied through the year with different species of fish.  During June you will find Shad, Chinook Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Small mouth bass.  Large sturgeon (6-10′ long!) are often spotted as they jump or roll on the surface.  In addition Lamprey are also migrating at this time.
A good day shad fishing is often determined by how many “doubles” you have!
Visiting Portland and want to experience some rod bending fun?  Our shad fishing trips are 4 hours long and always an adventure!  We pick you up at the dock and all you need is a fishing license.  Hop in the boat and lets fish!  Whether you are new to fly fishing or a seasoned expert, Shad are a blast! Trips are $225 for one angler, $325 for 2 anglers and $450 for 3 anglers.  We provide: rods/reels/lines, flies and gear plus soda and waters.   For more information on fly fishing fun around the Portland area with Water Time Outfitters call owner Rob Crandall at 503-704-6449.  Visit our website: Water Time Outfitters_Shad
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