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Beginning Fly Fishing Class – Clackamas River – Get Started!

Start your fly fishing right with good fundamentals and fun!  This introduction to fly fishing is a great course for the beginner, a gift, or fun for the whole family.  Our instructors love to share their passion of fly fishing with this starter course. Starting in the classroom at Royal Treatment Fly Shop in West Linn you will be introduced to fly fishing theory, knot tying, rigging and fish behavior then we’ll head to our local water.     There we’ll cover beginning fly casting, fly fishing techniques and strategies for trout.  A get started class information packet is included. This class covers: Fly fishing terminology, Fly fishing knots, Proper rigging, Equipment, Fly selection, Fly casting, Entomology and On Water instruction.
Don’t let the mystery of fly fishing keep you from enjoying a great sport.  Let us help you untangle the myths of fly fishing and get started right.  For this 6 hour course rods and reels are provided.  Bring your waders/boots, fishing license, and lunch. Class Fee:  Only $65.00  Class sizes are limited – please reserve your spot in advance.  

This one day session held close to PortlandOR at McIver Park on the ClackamasRiver gets you started.  T

This class covers:
  • Fly fishing terminology
  • Fly fishing knots
  • Proper rigging
  • Equipment
  • Fly selection
  • Fly casting
  • Entomology
  • On Water Fishing instruction
For this 6 hour course rods and reels are provided.  Bring your waders/boots, fishing license, lunch and park entry fee. 
This special class is only being held: Jun 27, Jun 30, July 11, Aug 19, Aug 22, Sept 26
Class Fee:  Only $65.00

Class sizes are limited please reserve your spot in advance.  
                        Call 503-704-6449  Email:  Clackamas Fly Class

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