“Winter Spey Strategies” — 90 minute Training Video on Fly Fishing Techniques for Steelhead


Winter Spey Strategies is full of fly fishing techniques for Steelhead when Swinging Flies in Cold Water with guide Rob Crandall.

Learn how to fish SKAGIT fly lines, sink tips and spey flies in varied water types and flows. The fly fishing techniques for steelhead show here in the instructional sessions are the secrets to winter success on the swung fly.

Learn steelhead fly fishing techniques from 3 professional fishing guides.  You’ll see the strategies and tricks they use to consistently catch winter steelhead on the swing – the toughest time of the year!

This is your key to the unlocking the secrets of the swing!

Pro guides Marty Sheppard, Rob Crandall and Dean Finnerty take you to the water in this 90 minutes of gold nuggets of information.

Rent (24 hours) for only $3.99 or Buy for only $9.99

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