Crandall’s Devil’s Candy 3 Pack Steelhead Flies


The best producing steelhead flies from long time guide Rob Crandall. The Devil’s Candy represents something that looks so sweet to steelhead they can’t resist. The combination of colors and unique way pulsing marabou is tied into this fly gets strong results from steelhead year round. If you were going to only have one steelhead fly this would be it!

Steelhead Flies that produce all year are hard to find, the Devils Candy is a pattern that yields results year round. We especially like it in low clear water during the winter/spring or as a go-to subsurface fly in summer and fall.

Quality materials help get the best results on our favorite patterns. The Devils Candy pattern is no exception. Quality hand tied flies with the best materials these flies last well and move and swim in the water.
Sold as a pack of three. 

Get the whole collection of Crandall’s Steelhead Flies in this kit.

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