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Winter Steelhead Workshop Report

Our Tillamook area Winter Steelhead Workshop instructed by Gil Muhleman had a beautiful day on Saturday.  Not only did the normal Tillamook rain decide not to show up but the sun actually made an appearance. 

Water Time Outfitters instructor Gil Muhleman did a great job sharing his intimate knowledge of the Wilson, Trask and Kilches rivers near Tillamook, OR. 

Our morning strategy talk by Gil was detailed and comprehensive and the coffee wasn’t that bad either.  Casting and fishing strategies, lunch and a complete tour of fishable access points on the three rivers makes for a full day.

Thank you Gil for a great job!

If you’d like to learn more about Steelhead fly fishing or our steelhead workshops click on these links or visit our website at:  “The Tug is the Drug”

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