Tired of Getting Skunked for Winter Steelhead? New E-Book & Video Shows you HOW!

Our new E-book shows you how to find Winter steelhead fly fishing success.

Tired of Getting Skunked Fly Fishing for Winter Steelhead?


Hello Fly Anglers,

Do you struggle to find winter steelhead success?  Frustrated with frozen toes, cold fingers and no results?  Tired of getting skunked fly fishing for winter steelhead?

We know it can be a grind. The winter months are tough yet the prospect of the biggest steelhead on the planet are there…but struggling day after day wondering if you are even doing it right is frustrating and can feel pointless!  Do you question where your fly is at in the water column?  Do you wonder if you are swinging the fly too fast or too slow?  Are you guessing if you have the RIGHT sink tip on?

We’ve worked on these problems for over 30 years and have some answers for you!

In my new e-book “5 Steps to Winter Spey Success” we show you the techniques we’ve used to consistently find winter Steelhead fky fishing success.

Stop being frustrated wondering if you are doing it right and learn to fish with confidence!

Our 5 step plan is easy to learn, easy to download and not only can you read about these proven techniques, we’ve also included instructional video to go with each tactic.

The video instruction will blow you away! Detailed instruction on how to get it done right.  Covering each detail so you can dial in your approach.

Stop freezing off your toes for no success  Start using a proven plan that works.

This is the help you been waiting for! Stop wondering if you are doing it right and start fishing with CONFIDENCE!

Order HERE: “5 Steps to Winter Spey Success”

All the best to your winter Steelhead Success!

Rob Crandall


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