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Winter in Summer- Steelhead and High Water

Winter water levels are still persisting on the Clackamas river here in June! It has been a high water year all season and so far our summer steelhead fishery is no exception.  High waters around the state and in the mid-west have created dismal conditions for many fisheries.  Fortunately the Clackamas water clarity has been fishable much more than many other drainages. 

This dandy chrome bright summer steelhead was hooked on a 8 weight Z- Axis switch rod with a 10′ sink tip.  Our silent approach with the drift boat allowed Jeff to easily swing the fly into position for a rod wrenching take.  Line sizzled off his Nautalis reel as this fish kicked it into high gear throwing water spray everywhere. 

Water temp today was 53 degrees.  If you want to catch a steelhead on the swing in the Clackamas, this is perhaps one of the very best times to do it.

Good luck on the water!

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