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Water Time Outfitters Seminar and Show Schedule 2016

We love to share our fishing knowledge- come meet us at these shows or seminars!

Rob Crandall
Jan 9                     Royal Treatment Fly Shop 10am
Feb 10-14             Portland Sportsmans Show come by our booth along the fly casting pond!  I will be                              doing 2 presentations each day- stop by and say hello.
Feb 20                  Royal Treatment Fly Shop 10 am – the Mysteries of Steelhead Water
Mar 12                  Fly Fishing Expo (Albany)
April 9                  Royal Treatment Fly Shop 10 am- How to be an Unsuccesful STHD Angler

Marc Williamson

Jan. 14 Santiam Fly Fishers (Salem)
Jan. 21 Sunriver Fly Fishers
Feb. 10-14 Portland Sportsman Show
Feb. 27 Into to Fly Fishing
March 9 Tualatin fly Club

March 10-12 Fly Fishing Expo (Albany)

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