Water Time Outfitters 2016 Guiding Calendar

Come join us on an amazing adventure- Water Time Outfitters guides the best waters of Oregon helping anglers make the most of their precious time on the water.  Below is our season at a glance. Please contact us and find out how we can customize a tailormade trip for you.  See more at: watertimeoutfitters.com  or call Rob at: 503-704-6449.

Winter Steelhead caught on the spey rod.  Winter fishing from Jan-April.

Winter Steelhead- Jan, Feb, March, April: 
This is an incredible time of year in Oregon- so many of our rivers get both hatchery and wild steelhead in them.  With so many rivers less than 2 hours away from Portland (and some only minutes away) we have a lot of choices.  Those choices allow us to focus on the best fisheries with the best water conditions.  Don’t kid yourself, this time of year is not for the faint of heart; rain is a standard and so are long underwear.  With proper clothing this time of year is a breeze!

For winter steelhead we guide these waters:  Clackamas, Sandy, Wilson, Trask, Nestucca, Nehalem and other secret spots.  Our focus on winter fishing starts Jan 1 and is often good through March.  On the Clackamas river near Portland the season lasts through April most years.

Spring trout fishing on the Deschutes River in central Oregon. 

Spring Trout Fishing- May, June
Trout Fishing on the world famous Deschutes river in central Oregon kicks off in May with the biggest bug hatch of the season- salmon flies!  These bugs are up to 3″ long and are like a “big Mac” floating down the river for trout.  Aggressive surface action and busy nymph fishing are common this time of year.  We focus on multi-day float/camp trips this time of year to get you into the best waters and away from the busy areas of this world famous hatch.

Fly fishing for shad is a blast!

Shad Fishing Fun!  June
June is the month for rod bending fun- fly fishing for shad on Oregon’s Willamette river.  Shad are great fighting fish and average 2-4 pounds ranging in size from 1-6 lbs making perfect sport for #5 weight fly rods.  This trip is more about catching than the “fishing” often averaging dozens of hookups per 4 hour session – fly fishing for shad is perfect for the beginner or the seasoned angler who just wants to have fun!  Trips leave from the dock in Oregon City, just minutes from Portland, OR.  We specialize in 4 hour sessions.

August steelhead in the lower 22 miles of the Deschutes are terrific fighters!

Deschutes -Spey Water Steelhead Camp -Jet Boat Season -August, September

Prime time guided fishing dates for the most pissed off aggressive steelhead of the season.  If you want a chance to see your backing, this is the time. Aggressive steelhead caught on swung fly are the hallmark of the Deschutes. This technique is thrilling and rewarding. Most of the season steelhead can be caught on floating lines. Steelhead migrating the Columbia basin drop into the Deschutes river in sometimes enourmous numbers as water temps in the Columbia soar the cool waters of the D are a magnate for salmon and steelhead alike!   Here we set up comfortable riverside camps- with our 14’x14’ canvas tents, hammocks where we can, shade canopy, shower and full kitchen.  Marty is generally keeping camp dialed in and doing our cooking.  We generally run up to 3-4 anglers in the jet boat per day.  

Fall steelhead camp on the Deschutes River.  

Wild Fall run steelhead on the Deschutes River- October.

Deschutes Steelhead Camp – October, November
This is one of our most cherished times of the year when the weather is amazing, the fishing incredible and the canyon beauty /wildlife is spectacular.  Time around the campfire is full of stories and reminecing with prime steelhead water only feet away.  This time of year we offer 3 and 4 day float trips in the wild and remote section of the Deschutes canyon with comfortable camps, great meals and some of the best spey water on the river.  Groups of 6 or 8 anglers are easily accomodated.

Chum salmon are tough fighters, fishing near Tillamook, OR.

Oregon Salmon – November
If there ever was a more feirce battle of dogged determination and deep throbbing- rod wrenching fun it is from the standoff between the fly angler and an angry fall salmon.  Fall chinook or the notorious Chum salmon both are known for their tackle testing brute power and are a blast to go after with the fly rod. Most fishing is done with a #8 or #9 weight rod but a #10 weight is not too heavy.  Flies are often bright and flashy and expect to be using deep sinking sink tips or other tricks to get the fly deep where bright chinook and chum salmon like to hang out.  Day trips out of Tillamook, OR.  

Come join us for Oregon fly fishing at it’s finest!  Our experienced team of guides have been fishing Oregon our entire lives and we love to share cherished time on the water.  See more about our guides and our fishing trips on our website:  watertimeoutfitters.com 

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