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August and September is prime time for the most pissed off aggressive steelhead of the season and if you want a chance to see your backing, this is the time.  Our jet boat trips offer you the best flexibility and access on the river.  This allows us to stay in shaded water longer and fish specific runs and light angles at the right time of day with very little downtime between the amazing riffles, pools, and runs of the Deschutes.  We pick you up at the boat ramp in the afternoon before your first full day so you can get to camp settle in and get a good dose of evening fishing, departing around 1pm the last day- your time on the water is optimized you simply fish and relax.

Located in north central Oregon the lower Deschutes River is an immense fish magnet which flows into the Columbia river near the Dalles, OR.  In August and September near lethal water temperatures are common on the Columbia river and the spring fed Deschutes river commonly flows 10 degrees cooler than the Columbia.  This creates a magnetic effect that draws thousands of fish into the lower Deschutes.  On top of a bumper Deschutes river steelhead run these out of basin fish linger in the Deschutes for weeks waiting for cooler temps to continue their journey on up the Columbia river.  This is a bonus for anglers at times in Aug/Sept as staggering numbers of fish are available.  This is prime time for dry lines- the hallmark of Deschutes River fly fishing.

The thrill of the take from an aggressive steelhead can be only a cast away.  Wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee and step into a prime steelhead run only feet away from camp.  With the power boat we have the ability to cover lots of water and stay in the fish as they migrate up river.  Comfortable camps on the world famous Deschutes River get you into the action.  Our camps are designed to be home away from home with large 14′ x 14′ canvas tents that you can stand and walk around in.  Comfortable cots and plush sleeping pads make your adventure a breeze.  Our camp staff prepares your lodging in advance.  Steelhead Camp is 3 – 7 anglers with one or two comfortable and stable jet boats.

What we provide:
Our signature overnight guided jet boat trips are with an experienced guide who has spent countless hours on the waters you are fishing.  Expect patient personalize attention and intent focus on optimizing your time on the water with a willingness to teach you our favorite tricks to catching steelhead and trout.  River history, tall tales are river lore often come up too.  This trip also includes camp staff to cook and assist in camp as needed.  Camp is fully supplied with tents, cots, and comfortable sleeping pads.  We provide jet boat, life jackets and boaters passes.  We carry thousands of flies however we recommend you have a selection of favorites.  We supply all your meals starting with dinner day one through lunch the last day with soft drinks, snacks and water.  Meals are hearty and you won’t leave hungry- most special dietary needs can be accommodated.

These trips focus on the most remote part of the canyon to optimize our fishing success and will be downstream from the Mack’s Canyon Boat ramp.  We use jet boats for transportation only as regulations do not allow fishing from a boat -all fishing is done while wading.

 Standard Jet Boat Camp Package: 

Three person minimum – seven person maximum
  • 2 nights, 1 full day fishing, 2 8 hr*-days fishing: $1250
  • 3 nights, 2 full days fishing, 2 -8 hr* days fishing: $1650
  • Additional nights can be added at $425 per night / per person

Come join the fun on this world class fishery!  To save your spot call today:  503-704-6449 or email guide Rob Crandall at: rob@watertimeoutfitters.com  *approximate

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