Upper Deschutes River First Steelhead Since 1960

The first adult steelhead since the 1960s was passed upstream above the Pelton dam on the Deschutes River Friday, September 14th (photo attached), and the second this passed Wednesday,  September 26th.   12 or 14 PIT tagged steelhead adults from above the dams have passed upstream over Bonneville Dam.  Neither steelhead caught and passed so far has been PIT tagged.   Passed adults are receiving double green floy tags for ID purposes.  Some are receiving radio tags.


Also, yesterday while conducting a kokanee spawning survey, Mike Gauvin, ODFW, took the attached pdf photos of an adult male Sockeye on a Redd in the upper Metolius River at Smiling River Campground.   He is carrying a radio-antenna coming from the mouth.  
These are the early results of a monumental new project by PGE on the Deschutes river system to enhance and restore wild chinook salmon, steelhead and sockeye in the upper Deschutes river basin. 
See more on the Deschutes River at: www.watertimeoutfitters.com

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