“Swing It Like You Mean It” Steelhead Coffee Mug


“Swing It Like You Mean It” our New LIMITED EDITION Steelhead Coffee MUG. This unique design was custom made for us by graphic artist Eric Peak.  You may recognize the fly too.  That’s our top selling and top producing steelhead fly called the Provider.  If you swing flies for steelhead you know what this saying is all about; there’s no in-between, to go for the big wild monster steelhead you’ve got to “Swing it Like You Mean It!”

12 oz ceramic mug

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5 Steps to Winter Spey Success

A Multimedia Ebook Experience for Mastering the Swung Fly in Winter

Winter Spey Skagit Mastery Class

Learn the core secrets to catching winter steelhead and follow the 5-step process our clients find success with in our new, multimedia ebook.

This is no ordinary ebook. Each step of the process is linked to exclusive videos we produced to go along with this book. You won’t just read about these techniques. You’ll see them in action.

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