Steelhead Fly Fishing Decal- The Tug Is The Drug® Best Seller!




Steelhead Fly Fishing Decal, for those who are addicted; you know- the TUG is the DRUG!

Truth is, it doesn’t matter how you go after those anadromous beauties but rather that you’re going after them. And with a fly, no less. On many days, it’s our preference, too. But that doesn’t mean we don’t use whatever tool is best for the job. This Steelhead Fly decal in all its full-color glory is perfect for windows, bumpers, rod tubes, your Thermos. We know you spent a pretty penny on that reel in the picture, but rest assured, a bit of each sale also goes to protect fish habitat.


The Tug Is The Drug® is a registered trademark of Water Time Outfitters

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