Quick Easy Step to Improve your Spey Cast

Proper anchor placement is the key to consistent powerful spey casts.

Want to dial in your spey cast with one easy step?  Wouldn’t you love to have a long powerful spey cast?  The proper anchor point is the starting point to better spey casting.  While there are so many things that go into a good cast with the two handed rod paying attention to this one will help immensely.  Spey casting is inherit with many pitfalls but if you dial this one in your on your way to better casts.

Spey casting is characterized by a water loaded cast- that is the line in the water is what loads the rod to make the cast instead of line laying out behind the rod in the air like a single hand rod cast.  The anchor point is where the fly connects to the water in the spey cast.  This connection is where the rod loads from and is a vital part of the cast.  Consider this anchor as the traction that the rod pulls against to flex the rod and load the rod for the cast.

Many casting problems that anglers encounter are caused by an improper anchor point.  Where the anchor is placed is a critical part of the cast.  If the anchor is not in the proper location it is difficult to get alignment in the forward cast and thereby causing a variety of casting problems.  If your cast goes out and curves to one side or another this is most often a result of the anchor positioned improperly.  If your cast goes out lacking energy, power and punctuation it is often another side-effect of an improper anchor point.  If your fly is crossing your line and tangling your line- yet another example of bad anchor placement.  Last but not least is the fly hitting you or wrapping your rod a potentially dangerous side-effect of poor anchor placement.

The key with proper anchor placement is two-fold.  First, be sure to ALWAYS place your anchor on the side of your body that your forward cast will be on.  If you place your fly to your left side and then make the forward cast on your right side you are asking for a new piercing!  Second, place the fly within a rods length distance from you.  If you are casting off your right side place the anchor point on your right side. This is the best starting position for any forward cast.  By positioning the fly near you it creates alignment in your casting which allows you to create a long powerful cast.

By placing your anchor point properly you can dramatically improve your spey casting.  Keep the fly anchored with-in a rods length and you will be amazed at how powerful and effect your casting can become.  Dial in your anchor point and see your casts quickly improve!

Good fishing often starts with good casting! Good luck on the water- Rob Crandall

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Water Time Outfitters is owned and operated by Rob Crandall and his team of hard working guides.  Rob has been past editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journalmagazine, a licensed fishing guide for over 26 years, featured speaker in Oloughlin’s Sportsmans Shows, seen on Flyfish TV, Columbia Country TV, Frontier Unlimited TV as well as featured in the DVD-Winter Spey Strategies; the Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine, the Flyfisher, Flyfishing & Tying Journal and Salmon Steelhead Journal.  Rob grew up on the Clackamas River and loves to share his passion for fly fishing with others.


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