Nothing But Chrome- NF Nehalem Report

The NF Nehalem continues to produce chrome bright hatchery fish like this one caught on Jan 27th.  Water levels and clarity have been good.  The hatchery reports good numbers of fish continuing to return back to the hatchery.  Wild fish have been caught as well. 

Enjoy the thrill of steelhead fly fishing on the NF Nehalem; as they say, “The Tug is the Drug! ” Our favorite way to catch steelhead is on the swung fly.  A few specific spots on the NF are custom made for this.  However, most fly fishing is done with floating lines and strike indicators.  Fly patterns are often simple egg patterns.  Pink, cerise, white, orange, salmon egg, peach are all productive colors on the NF.

Only hatchery steelhead can be kept on the NF.  Most years the limit is 2 fish per person.  Here the successful anglers of the day show off their catch as well as the camera man’s.

Come join us for a fun float on the NF Nehalem river!  Click here for more

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