Lunch Under the Eagles Nest

One of my long time clients from San Diego was here recently fishing the coastal steelhead waters of Oregon.  For late March he was surprised to see so many chrome bright wild steelhead.  This year and most years that however is the norm.  We fished rivers like the Wilson, Trask, NF Nehalem and Kilches.  Fishing swung flies and indicators we had success on both strategies. 

Fat rain pounded down hard several hours as we worked the riffles and runs.  We saw few other anglers and had the rivers virtually to ourselves.  Floating in our raft we encountered waterfalls, eagles nests and steelhead rolling in several areas.  The fishing wasn’t easy but the throbbing head shakes we did find were rewarding and exhilerating.  Fighting wild steelhead in wild places leaves you with an awe and respect for the finned creatures that live there.

Overhead an eagle glided near the tree tops peering down in approval as we plied the waters.  What a treasured place. 

We stayed at our local river house cabin, relaxed with a cold beer, listened to Bob Marley music and tied a few flies.   Being in Tillamook, OR we had to have some Tillamook icecream of course!  The Wilson river in the back yard and 5 other rivers only minutes away.  We could choose to float two different rivers in one day if we wanted.   

Come and join the fun for great Oregon steelhead fishing.

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