Incredible Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Adventures near Portland

Winter Steelhead fishing in Oregon gives you a lot of options for rivers.








Join us for incredible winter steelhead fly fishing adventures near Portland, Oregon; where choices of rivers abound.

Float through epic rainforests, see spectacular waterfalls and experience some of Oregon’s finest fly fishing.  If your looking to make the most of your trip to Oregon the team at Water Time Outfitters can formulate a plan for you to experience the best winter steelheading Oregon has to offer.  From float trips down the wild & scenic Sandy river, jet boat trips on the (close to Portland) Clackamas river to small intimate coastal streams we don’t want to mention here; our experienced guides can help you make the most of your water time.

We make it easy for your Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Adventures! Just hop in the boat and fish! When the water is cold and the weather isn’t much better, this is definitely the way it’s meant to be done.  We fish small, scenic streams and mid-sized rivers with huge fish. We make it easy for multi-day fishing adventures in the heart of steelhead country.

Oregon Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Trips
Wild Winter steelhead on Oregon’s Coastal rivers are incredible fish.

January through April is prime time for Oregon winter Steelhead fly fishing adventures …

when we have piles of options even with varied water conditions to high or low flows.  We fish the best north coast waters where we float through epic rain forests where deer and Roosevelt elk are common.

This is a fishery anglers of all skill levels can enjoy.  Our fishing strategies vary depending on the water levels and angler preference.  Our favorite strategy is to swing flies; the wading is generally easy and smaller size gravel on gravel bars is the norm.   We will also use indicator strategies in pockets, short pools and slots where we fish from the comfort of whitewater rafts with well appointed fishing frames.

On our Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Adventures on small coastal streams can accommodate groups up to 4 anglers with 2 anglers per boat. On the boat, we’ll have flies, any additional equipment-rods/reels needed, soft drinks, water and a hot lunch. Optimize your rest, relaxation and fishing time with this package that is focused on you, show up for fun and relax! Nothing beats telling fish tales around the fireplace at the end of the day! Trips vary from two days fishing up to to five days fishing.

If you have a larger group our jet boat adventures we can accommodate up to 4 anglers per boat and we typically have 3 jet boats available for Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Adventures in the month of April.  Book early to save your spot.

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Winter steelhead tactics vary depending on water levels but our favorite strategy is to swing flies.  We use Skagit fly lines and loop on varying sink tips depending on the water level and velocity.  Sink tips range from T-8, T-11 to T-14 and are generally 10′ long.  We run short leaders of flourocarbon tippet to our favorite flies.

To advance your skills or just to learn about how to catch winter steelhead on the swung fly get our DVD: Winter SPEY Strategies.  This 90 minute DVD shows you how to the basics then build on that to advanced strategies that really work!

The fly patterns for winter steelhead we prefer are designed by Rob Crandall and produced by Aqua Flies.  Rob has guided over 30 years in Oregon and his flies work!  You can purchase a collection of Rob’s flies at local fly shops or get the whole Winter Steelhead Fly Kit here.

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The Crandall’s Provider is a top producer. This fly works well under the conditions of most Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Adventures.  


Wild Clackamas River Steelhead caught by Water Time Outfitters Client on the Crandall’s Provider





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