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Guided fly fishing at its best.

Water Time Outfitters offers guided fly fishing on the best waters in Oregon. Our experienced guides draw from a lifetime of knowledge sharing their passion – fly fishing! We guide the Deschutes, Clackamas, Trask, Wilson, NF Nehalem and Oregon Coast Rivers. We also offer private and corporate classes and schools.



Single-day Float Trips: Deschutes

(July – November) Whether we meander downstream in drift boats or utilize the agility of our jet boats, this single-day desert river trip aims to get you into steelhead on the swung fly — the hallmark approach to fishing the Deschutes. Regardless of whether you prefer to fish floating or sinking lines, this technique coupled with our guidance is designed to yield the ultimate reward.

Spring time camp on the river is a great place to be where stories are told and memories made.

Multi-day Camp: Deschutes

(July – November) This is the steelhead camp of your dreams. You’ll awake refreshed in one of our canvas tents, with a cup of hot coffee awaiting you. Slip into your waders and step into a prime steelhead run only a few feet away and the possibility of a grab but a cast away. Delicious meals served between promising reaches of the best steelhead water the Deschutes has to offer.


Spey Water Jet Boat Camp: Deschutes

(July – November) This is it! When the stars align and we see the most aggressive steelhead of the season. (And you have the best chance of seeing every inch of your backing.) The jet boat offers unparalleled mobility on the river, allowing us to stay in shaded water longer and fish specific runs and light angles during the right time of day. All with minimum downtime between every run.


Winter Fly Fishing: Oregon Rivers

(December – May) The diversity of fly fishing waters within a couple of hours of Portland is staggering. Let us help you find the best option. From our lodge on the North Fork of the Nehalem River, to world-class coastal salmon and steelhead streams such as the Nestucca, Trask, Wilson and Kilches, and back home on the Clackamas and Sandy River, we have you covered.


Guided Jet Boat Trips: Clackamas River

(January – June) What if we told you that merely a few minutes outside of Portland’s urban center lay a steelhead fishery to rival all others? Actually, there are two. But it’s the Clackamas that we call our home waters. And it’s the one that makes for the perfect navigable jet boat experience when chasing big, wild (and hatchery) steelhead. It’s hard to believe how good it can be.



Single-day Float Trips: Deschutes

(April – November) Fly fishing for the famous “redside” rainbow trout on the lower section of the Deschutes river is on every angler’s bucket list. And if it isn’t, it should be. These fish absolutely hammer flies all year long, whether it’s dry flies on the surface, swung wet flies making their way or nymphs bouncing along the rocky bottom. A high-desert paradise awaits. Let’s get you on the fish.


Multi-day Camp: Deschutes

(April – November) Seriously, is there anything better than sleeping streamside, only to roll out of your sleeping bag and toss flies to hungry trout a few feet away? Be it first thing in the morning, at dusk, or any time in between, we can’t imagine a better way to spend a few days. We provide everything: the boats, the tents, and delicious meals to keep you in the best of company.


Shad: Willamette River

(June, mostly) Every June, the Willamette River welcomes an abundant return of shad. While an invasive species in our waters, shad absolutely devour the fly with reckless abandon. It’s a quick jet boat trip just minutes from downtown Portland and Oregon City. A perfect introduction to urban fly fishing for the novice or the pro. We’ll tell you this: It’s about the most fun you can have.

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