Guided Carp Trips in Oregon – The #1 Best Adventure You’ve Never Tried!

Guided Carp Trips in Oregon
Fly fishing for carp on Oregon’s Columbia River is fun and rewarding!

Guided Carp Trips in Oregon

Water Time Outfitters offers guided carp trips in Oregon.  Fly fishing for Carp is fun and challenging fishery. I’ve always considered myself a die-hard steelheader but when summer water temps get warm- guided carp trips in Oregon has become a great option.  Wet wading or casting from the boat for cruising fish that range from 10-25+ pounds is so much fun!  I have been impressed and surprised by the hard fighting nature of these fish and the sheer excitement of sight fishing for these golden monsters!  Here’s a few things I’ve learned that will perhaps help you out.  Give carp a try, I think your in for a treat!

Fly Fishing for Common Carp in Oregon

When I first tried fly fishing for carp it was definitely a challenge; fish were cruising and trying to get them to eat my fly was another matter.  After experimenting with numerous fly patterns it really became more apparent that my presentation was a big factor.  Sight fishing is the best approach for carp.  Spotting individual or groups of cruising fish, then casting to them is the main game.  These fish often are on the move, cruising weed beds and shorelines.

Carp eat numerous different morsels depending on where you are.  Aquatic insects, small crustaceans, clams and worms are favorites.  Often carp will be vigorously feeding on the bottom rooting out a meal from the muck.  You’ll see murky areas of water indicating actively feeding carp.  Watch the edges of this activity where you can pick off moving fish where you can see them.  While providing guided carp trips in Oregon polarized glasses are a must! I prefer the amber lenses on my Costa Glasses.

Guided Carp Trips in Oregon
Oregon fly fishing trips for Carp are a fun way to keep your saltwater fly fishing skills sharp.

Guided Carp Trips in Oregon

On our guided carp trips in Oregon, we use a boat or wade along a shoreline you’ll often find plenty of opportunities at carp.  We use a 20′ jet boat will allow you a higher platform which makes spotting fish and positioning just right easier.

Whether boat or bank, the best success is found with a cast close to the fish.  Allow your fly to settle right in front or to the side of it.  Sometimes a small twitch to get its attention.  If the the fish tips down to eat, strip set and be ready to see your backing.  This is not a time to try and stop a fish- let them run!

The highest success you’ll find on our guided carp fishing trips in Oregon is when carp are actively feeding on the bottom.  These fish are often stirring up mud or “mudding”.  Plumes of mud erupt from where these fish are actively working the bottom for food.

Fly fishing for carp is challenging and requires good accurate casting.  It’s perfect for practicing your fish spotting, casting and hook setting for your next saltwater adventure like chasing redfish or bonefish on the flats.  If your interested in a carp fishing adventure reach out to us at: 

Carp trips include a hot BBQ Lunch, Softdrinks, waters and snacks.  We provide our favorite flies, rods and tippet as needed or bring yours.  Trip fee is $575 for the boat of 1 or 2 anglers.

Water Time Outfitters, Inc is run by a team of fly fishing guides who are passionate about getting you into fish.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations with expert, fun loving guides and exceptional hospitality, so our guests can focus on their love of fishing, maximize their success and take home memories that last a lifetime.  Find out more at:

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