Fly Fishing the Clackamas River – Winter Steelhead Workshop #1 Best Guide for the Bank Bound Angler

Fly Fishing the Clackamas River
The Clackamas Steelhead Fly Fishing Workshop is your key to unlocking the secrets of the Clack.

Fly Fishing The Clackamas River- Learn Where to Go When

Fly Fishing the Clackamas River for Steelhead can be daunting; want to learn how to catch winter steelhead? How about when and where to catch coho?  Water Time Outfitters offers a special workshop just for you on the Clackamas River and it’s main tributary Eagle Creek. These workshops are designed to get walk-in fly anglers comfortable with a wide variety of key fishing spots and techniques.  Go to Class Registration

To really learn Fly Fishing the Clackamas River it helps to cover all the bases.  We start at a heated and covered SHELTER near the river with coffee and donuts at 9 AM. We’ll review maps that will give you at least a dozen productive steelhead runs that you can drive and walk to, spots where we love to fish. With coffee in hand, we’ll discuss the maps, fish run timing, river segments, and techniques.

Then, when we’ve reached a proper caffeine level, we’ll grab a bunch of gear and head out to the water. Our approach to fly fishing the Clackamas River will cover a year-round approach.  We will talk about Winter/Spring/Summer Steelhead, Spring/Fall Chinook, Coho, cutthroat and more.  We will tour the river from the bank-bound angler point of view, showing you the sweet spots with public access; some easy to find some not so easy.

On the water we will cover fly fishing the Clackamas River techniques, fishing strategy, fly selection, and more. We’ll coach you through the most effective approaches for fly fishing the Clackamas River. We’ll also talk about lines, rods and rigging. If you need a rod to use- just let us know!
Fly Fishing the Clackamas River
Class time on the river goes through the details of success like never before!

The on water session will cover a 5 Step approach to fly fishing the Clackamas River.  The strategies you will learn are what we use while guiding our clients to success every day.  These techniques can help you for a lifetime of fishing.

If we actually catch a fish, it will be by accident. The purpose of this workshop is to give you the tools you need to effectively fly fish the Clackamas River and find, read, and properly fish good steelhead water. The actual fishing will be secondary.

Around mid-day we’ll break for take a lunch break and then head on to some more spots with steelhead water you’ll want to drool over! At each location we talk about reading water and effectively fly fishing the Clackamas River.  Where fish hold, water speed, depth and structure are part of the discussion.

These classes fill fast!  Save your spot today:  Clackamas Steelhead Fly Fishing Workshop

Covid Protocols: This class has been moved entirely outdoors to optimize your safety. We will drive individual vehicles from one spot to the next-caravan style. Social Distancing while in our group is required. Mask wearing is optional as we are outdoors but you are more than welcome to wear one. Please bring your own lunch.

This class is produced by Water Time Outfitters, Inc. we aim to surpass your expectations with expert fun loving guides and instructors so you can focus on your love of fishing, maximize your success and take home memories that last a lifetime.  Water Time Outfitters is run by a team of full time fly fishing guides and has year round fishing opportunities.  You can see more about Water Time Outfitters at

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