Fly Fishing for Shad – the Oregon Tarpon

Millions of shad migrate in from the Pacific Ocean each year in May and June to ascend big NW rivers like the Columbia and the Willamette river. The Willamette River and the Columbia River both flow through the city of Portland, Oregon with fish running through them nearly year round. In June scenic views of Mt. Hood, the Rose Garden, Floral parade and much more await the traveling angler visiting Portland.  It has been said, “When it is sunny and warm in Portland there isn’t a prettier place.”  The other bit of scenery that many Oregon visitors never see and even many of the locals miss is a close up view of the Willamette Falls.  Willamette Falls is a natural waterfall between Oregon City and West Linn, Oregon in the United States.  It is the largest waterfall in the American Pacific Northwest by volume, and the seventeenth widest in the world. Horseshoe in shape, it is 1,500 feet (460 m) wide and 40 feet (12 m) high and located 26 miles upriver from the Willamette’s mouth and is the upstream barrier for Shad migrating up the Willamette River is the falls.

Shad are fun fish to catch and our favorite method is to fly fish for Shad.  This is done with fly rods that are 9′ long and rated for #5 or #6 fly lines.  Our best lines are sink tip lines that sink the fly down to the fish.  Our favorite flies are flies that are small and flashy.

Want to try fly fishing for shad?  Come join Water Time Outfitters in our comfortable jet sled casting for hard fighting shad on the Willamette River in Oregon City, OR.  Find our contact info at:

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